My Perfect Breakdown


rrDog MPB and Baby MPB are not the best of friends.  Or rather, Baby MPB thinks Dog MPB is his very best friend in the world.  Dog MPB is not convinced.  It’s clearly not a reciprocal love. Dog MPB is a large dog, and we have always been very aware that she’s never been exposed to a lot of children.  So, we’ve always been very cautious when children are around and we never… Read More

I’ve said before I’ll consider the first year a success if our dog doesn’t eat our baby.  I said this jokingly, of course.  Yet, in all seriousness, I desperately want our dog and our son to get along and be best friends. I was pretty nervous about leaving our dog with friends for 3 weeks and then coming home with a baby.  That’s a lot of transition for a dog! And, now… Read More