My Perfect Breakdown


When we were actively living through each of our losses I saw a counsellor at least once a month. Sometimes more. Mr. MPB even came with me. Heck, I think he even went once or twice on his own. Our counsellor became a very big part of our life. She has been integral to our ability to weather the storm that we’ve faced. She helped us turn our sails every now and… Read More

You know it’s going to be interesting when your counsellor starts the sentence with “the therapist in me hates to say this, but…” Last week, we had a quick cancellation appointment appointment after I asked for help.  In that appointment I just kind of downloaded all the crap that seemed to take over (i.e. brother-in-law who completely lacked compassion and adoption frustrations). While, this week we had our regularly scheduled appointment where… Read More