My Perfect Breakdown


A few more Christmas spirit inspired photos.  You can find photos from Days 1 through 5 here. Enjoy! Day 6: The most amazing Christmas / Winter themed chocolates I’ve ever had. Day 7: I adore this non-traditional window display.  While the saying is clearly Christmassy, the vibrant non-traditional colours caught my eye.  This may be one of my favourite photos so far. Day 8: A Christmas train ride with family. Day 9:… Read More

I’ve always been a person who puts my Christmas tree and Christmas decorations up on December 1, and takes everything down before the start of the next year – meaning Christmas decorations are out for 1 month, and 1 month only. But, I have to admit something…. In amongst all the happy toddler Christmas moments that are unfolding around us this year, there are no Christmas decorations out in our house and… Read More