My Perfect Breakdown


I have always been a very strict, Christmas happens in December and only December kind of person.  Which means decorations go up after December 1 and come down Before New Years. It turns out at 2.5 years old, toddlers loves all things Christmas!  And, he couldn’t understand or and refused to agree to with my Christmas only in December arbitrary rule. In the last few weeks whenever we drive anywhere, he has… Read More

A few more Christmas spirit inspired photos.  You can find photos from Days 1 through 5 here and Days 6 through 12 here.  Enjoy! Day 13:  Tangled Christmas lights! Day 14: Finally some real Christmas decoration out in our house.  This little red guy is from our trip to Iceland.  I have to say, I love him! Day 15: Christmas movie time! Day 16: The Christmas tree is still not decorated.  But… Read More