My Perfect Breakdown


But, this time it’s different.  This time, I’m ecstatic! Good friends of ours have been struggling.  We are about 2 years ahead of them in our struggle, meaning we’ve lived what they have been living before they started living it.  Of course our situations aren’t identical, but they were similar enough in that they’ve been trying to get pregnant for a few years.  The only pregnancy they’ve had ended in miscarriage.  And… Read More

Imagine this, I put my foot in my mouth.  I know, shocking, right? . When Mr. MPB’s brother had a baby a few months before Baby MPB was born, Mr. MPB’s mom helped throw the baby shower.  And, then she threw them a meet and greet party at her house once baby arrived. I was invited to the shower, which I declined due to the cost of travel (and my own selfish… Read More