Foot In Mouth

Imagine this, I put my foot in my mouth.  I know, shocking, right?


When Mr. MPB’s brother had a baby a few months before Baby MPB was born, Mr. MPB’s mom helped throw the baby shower.  And, then she threw them a meet and greet party at her house once baby arrived.

I was invited to the shower, which I declined due to the cost of travel (and my own selfish hurt and jealousy which I did not share with them).  We did send a gift and a pretty darn nice one (if I may say so myself).

We were not invited to the meet and greet a few months later.  But truthfully wouldn’t have gone and his mom knew it.  So, while I always appreciate an invitation so that we can make our own decisions, I really do not begrudge her for this one.


As it turns out, after my post on Wednesday, I found out Mr. MPB’s mom is throwing a similar meet and greet party for Baby MPB.  There will be no baby shower, but there will be the opportunity for all of Mr. MPB’s family to meet Baby MPB.  And honestly, that’s what matters to me.  I could truly careless about gifts, I care solely about our little guy being surrounded by love.  Although I will admit that I am not-so-secretly hoping that there will be blue cupcakes.  And to be truly honest, I really want vanilla cupcakes with baby blue icing.  That’s the only baby-shower like thing I really want because I always love the adorable cupcakes!

So, while I extract my foot from my mouth I do want to acknowledge that I was wrong about Mr. MPB’s mom this time.  What really matters to me that she is trying!!  We didn’t ask for her to do this.  She chose to do this.  And that is just awesome.

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35 Comments on “Foot In Mouth

  1. That is awesome! YAY!

    Now, since you know about this, I think you should have Mr. MPB ask his mom to have the cupcakes you want. That is not at all inappropriate and you should have them!

    Well done, MIL MPB!

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  2. Hurrah, that’s brilliant news!! And a few hints about the cupcakes is totally acceptable 😉 x x

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    • You know, I’m thinking you should just call MIL and say, “thank you for doing this, it means the world to me! I do have a request. I’ve always drempt of having pink or blue vanila cupcakes. Could you get some blue ones, please?”. She will be glad you’re excited!

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  3. How wonderful! I’m so glad she’s not treating him differently. His arrival was a bit of a surprise for your families, so it may just take them a little bit of time to get things together. I’m sure there will even by sweet gifts for baby MPB. And I do agree, Mr. MPB should totally just ask his mom for the cupcakes. I hope you all have a wonderful time at this party.

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  4. That is great news. What a great way for everyone to meet Baby MPB. I hope it’s everything you dream it to be and you are all spoiled with love!

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  5. Oh that is so great!! I hope you hint loudly for those cupcakes. Or just have them sent to the party yourself 🙂

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  6. Hooray! This is a nice way to put your foot in your mouth. 🙂 And… I bet people will bring gifts to the meet and greet. Just want to make sure you’re prepared for that possibility. We declined a baby shower because of our general level of freak-out about this pregnancy, but I have gotten hints that several of our friends are planning to use the meet-and-greet we have planned next month as an after-the-fact baby shower. I would be very unsurprised if your family and friends wind up doing the same for you!

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  7. Most definitely have Mr. MPB mention to her that you hope there are “it’s a boy!” cupcakes, or he can tell her that he’ll order them himself since he knows you’d be thrilled to have them (Mr. MPB, are you reading this?!) XOXO

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  8. Yay!! I’m so glad you guys get to show him off! Sometimes, people need time to come to their senses. Her throwing you a meet and greet shouldn’t make you feel bad about how you were feeling before. Feelings are feelings. We don’t need to defend them because they are the result of a number of variables. But yay for his party! And fingers crossed that you get those vanilla cupcakes with baby blue frosting!

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  9. This post is triple-awesome, because the first thing I did was misread the title and I was panicked that Baby MPB had Hand/Foot/Mouth disease!!!! This is SO MUCH BETTER!! I’m so happy for you 🙂

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  10. Yay!! So happy to read this. Meet and Greet ends up being synonymous with shower. Part of a spouses job is to mention to their family ideas for their wife and child. Make sure he knows how much this means to you 😀 Happy for you!!

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  11. This is awesome news. I am glad this worked out so well. You should definitely ask about the cupcakes. Surely you will have some consultation on food? Maybe? I suppose if it is thrown for you then quite possibly not. To be honest I am not sure how these things work LOL.

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