My Perfect Breakdown


It’s not often that I’m pleasantly surprised with something related to adoption paperwork.  In fact, in almost 3 years that’s only happened twice – when the fee for the first step of the Canadian Immigration application was only $100 and when a very helpful USA consulate employee told me we could submit Little MPB’s USA Social Security application from Canada. But, it happened again.  And let me tell you, I’m thrilled by this… Read More

The politics in the USA has a tendency to cross the border to Canada.  Not in a we get to vote kind of way, but in a media overload kind of way. So, we read and see all the news.  And people here seem pretty obsessed with it all.  Heck, I admit in many ways I’ve been obsessed with it all.  Well, I was.  Since the election results came in last week,… Read More