A Work Rant

Today I want to ramble on about work for a few minutes.  I know, not the funnest of topics, especially since I have never shared what I do for a living, nor am I going to today.

Anyways, months ago I took on a project that was not the type of work I typically do.  It’s not that I cannot do the work, it’s actually that I basically never work for individuals (I work mainly for government agencies).  But I took the project on because a colleague gave my name to someone in need of my professional experience and told them I could probably help.  And, of course, when I heard his story, I know I could probably help and I felt bad for the guy – he was in a very tough spot.  So, at the onset of the project I reduced my rate to help him out a bit.  And, I’ve always tried to work as efficiently as humanly possible to reduce my time on the project and therefore reduce my bills.

Well, somehow the project turned into a nightmare.  It should have taken 2, maybe 3 months.  We are now well into month 9, and it’s just not going well.

On more then one occasion I have actually told him to give up, what he’s trying to do is not worth the upfront cost.  But of course, giving up means he will go bankrupt and ultimately lose his business.  (See, this is part of why I don’t work for individuals).

I’ve spent more nights lying awake trying to figure out how I could possibly do more to help him then I have any other work related project since I started out on my own.  And, I’ve lost even more sleep trying to figure out how to give him horrible news time and time again.

Anyways, as this project has dragged on and on, I’ve contacted senior professionals/mentors to get their opinion on the situation – everyone agrees this guy is being screwed and there is likely little we can do to help him.  Heck, one senior person actually donated a full day of his time to try to help too.

In the end, knowing how much this is all costing the guy and knowing he is in financial straights, a few months ago I actually stopped charging him for my time.   (Ya, I’m not the best business women in the world).

But my gosh, am I ever frustrated.  Basically I’m working for free (for a good cause) and I’m just repeatedly running into roadblocks.  And yet, what frustrates me the most is that I know, without a doubt, that what he is trying to do is the right thing to do.  Yet, the system is just not built to help the little guy.  In fact, right now, it feels like the system has been designed specifically to hurt the little guy.  And that is just not fair.

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9 Comments on “A Work Rant

  1. Oh no, that sounds terrible on all fronts! I 100% agree that working for individuals is much harder than working for corporations or the government. It’s just so personal, and sometimes you need things to not be personal. Good luck, I hope it resolves somehow.


  2. I can relate to this. I don’t know what your job is, but I work in government, a very political environment, and it it feels defeating most days when I see who gets ahead and who doesn’t. I try to stay hopeful that good will prevail and I hope that happens in your situation. It sounds so frustrating so I hope is is sooner than later for you.

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  3. That sounds like a real frustrating situation! I think sometimes we are torn between doing the right thing and not being too much of a charity! You can only do your best to explain to people but sometimes they aren’t interested in taking advice. It sounds like this guy has had a lot of help from all of you… Hopefully things will look up for him soon.

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  4. That’s awful. It’s really awesome that you’re donating your time to the cause, and that someone else did one day as well. I feel like saying that I hope it works out for him is useless, but I do hope you can find some way to help him out!


  5. When you were sharing this rant, it made me think of this one guy who I was helping to get disability here in the states. He was such an upbeat person, despite his circumstances…which was, unfortunately, his downfall. Even though he was living off of the kindness of his community because they couldn’t afford food or medications, his upbeat spirit (and poorly documented health conditions, thanks to his doctors), it couldn’t convince a judge that he really needed the help. No matter how many times we appealed.
    I hope this project gets resolved soon and in the favor of your client.


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