Our Weekend

This weekend turned into exactly what I needed – a quiet weekend at home.

We went to baby gymnastics, ran some errands, cleaned up a few things around the yard, caught up on laundry, and went to the zoo.

Little MPB slept through the night both nights, in fact he slept in this morning and we are all moving a little extra slow.  I have to admit I really appreciated the sleep a bit more this weekend, I needed it!  I even managed to stay awake for a movie each evening (even though I don’t remember what we watched).

As I caught up on all our laundry I realized that Little MPB is ready to move up a size in clothing.  So, I spent one evening packing up all his clothing and filling his dresser drawers with the size larger.  I cannot believe how quickly he is growing!  And, somehow, in all his new clothing he looks like a real little boy!  I continue to be amazed by him, every single day.  And while I acknowledge I am a bit sad to see my little baby growing up, I am truly honoured and excited that I actually get to be part of his life and get to watch him grow up.

Baby gymnastics is a huge hit with our little climber.  I will admit, he hates circle time at the start and finish of class.  And that’s a battle of the wills between him and whichever Adult MPB happens to be with him for circle time.  But, he basically loves everything else.  He loves being in a gym that he can run around in.  He adores learning to do summersaults with the instructor.  He loves the tall balance beam, but cannot be bothered with the low balance beam.  And, he loves any of the equipment that uses a trampoline.  Basically, the higher he can get, the happier he is.  And, Mr. MPB and I love that there are mats around everything and he’s relatively safe.

As for the zoo, he literally ran for over 2.5 km through the zoo!!  He would run to the next animal, stop for 10 seconds to look at it, then run again.  He ran until he literally couldn’t run anymore.  He seemed to be the most enamoured with the giraffes.  And for the first time ever, he took a real interest in the butterflies.

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10 Comments on “Our Weekend

  1. How weird is it that my heart actually raced when I read the title “Our Weekend”? I hope the good days become routine for you guys!
    God knows mommy LOVES the sleep-in Sundays!


  2. I’m glad you got a restful weekend! Is there a rock climbing gym in your area? Not that he needs it now, but when Baby MPB gets a little older, that might be right up his alley!


  3. Isn’t it funny how our notion of a “perfect” weekend changes when we have kids?! Quiet, getting-stuff-done weekends take on a whole new light:).


  4. I”m just picturing Little MPB running around the zoo and feeling all warm inside, picturing your sweet little boy so happy there.

    Evelyn and Henry used to do the toddler gymnastics and it was the same thing: they hated the circle time before/after the free play! I always envied those parents with the docile little toddlers who didn’t seem to have the desire to run all over the place like wild animals!

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    • I’ll admit i have mild envy of the moms with docile toddlers who get to visit and make friends with other moms while I get to chase my toddler and dont have the chance to visit with other moms. But then, those same moms at some point during the class give me looks that appear to be rather judgmental and I decide I’m better off without them.


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