Getting My Sexy On

So, I’ve made no secrete of the fact that I absolutely LOVE taking Baby MPB swimming once a week.  Baby MPB starts smiling the second we walk into the building.  He splashes, he plays and his enjoyment and love for the pool is increadibly evident. The water is clearly his happy place.

Except for our last class….when he puked in the middle of class.  As he was in my arms at the time I was able to “catch” the vomit on my cute pink bikini top, clearly a strategic catch to ensure nothing got in the water (okay, it really was just pure luck).  Needless to say, I was clearly getting my sexy on at that point!!

What made this extra comical was the young instructor – maybe 18 or 19 years old.  I’m pretty sure he had never witnessed a baby be sick before.  He didn’t even know what to say and honestly I wish I had a photo of the instructors face in that moment. Truthfully, and I’m not biased at all when I say this, his facial expression would have made a better picture then a picture of me in a bikini covered in baby vomit.

Needless to say, I swiftly took Baby MPB into the change room, showered us both off and decided to call it a day.  We went home, where he proceeded to be perfectly happy and healthy for the remainder of the day.  So, I’m guessing maybe he swallowed some pool water which caused the upset tummy?  Or maybe he just has a twisted sense of humor and thought it would be funny to puke on me?

And now I’m just hoping our next swimming class is a little less dramatic!  If not for Baby MPB’s sake, then for the poor young instructor’s sake!

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9 Comments on “Getting My Sexy On

  1. Did they cancel the class to clean the pool? If not, its a red flag.

    Babies puke when they drink pool water, also did yoy just feed him and enter water?


    • I thought my kid would cause a pool closing once when he puked (from showing water) but I was told that if they can get the chunks out and then the rest goes to a filter, that it’s fine. They said they close for poop every time. I’ve seen this protocol followed many times at various pools, not just in my city/state. Kind of gross, but they’d be closing the pool multiple times a day in the summer with all the water-swallowing-puking I’ve seen. I try not to think about it, like all the peeing kids do in the pool… Before my kid swallows that water and chokes on it. Ha ha!

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  2. my local YMCA closes each time someone pukes. They have a baby kiddie pool specifically for babies and small toddlers ans they are always cleaning!
    And also, they check if your child is wearing swim diapers. Quite strict here, maybe someone complained.

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    • That’s good they check for swim diapers. I’ve NEVER been asked if they had those on, and I’ve seen people not using them. hmm… Gross! I do have a friend whose kid exploded through the swim diaper during baby/mommy class and everyone had to leave the pool. She was HORRIFIED!!!

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  3. Haha this would certainly have been a sight to see. Sorry you got puked on in front of everyone like that… Babies, eh?

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  4. Nora did exactly the same thing a few weeks ago in the pool. I think she choked on the water a bit. She was pretty upset and clingy for a few lessons but back to herself now and loving it… I hope he’s forgotten the incident by next week!

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