Cosmetic Surgery Here I Come!

Over the last few months somehow I have found time to meet with 2 plastic surgeons for a breast reduction. One operates in the public medical system and one operates in the private medical system.

As with all big decisions, I’ve written a list comparing my options:

20160420 - Table

My decision on which doctor is pretty simple. If I had $12,000 I would absolutely use the private doctor. Both Mr. MPB and I liked him. We appreciated the time he spent with me. I love the idea of less scaring. But the fact is, I do not have $12,000 and even if I did I probably wouldn’t spend it on a surgery.

So, the doctor who works within the free public health system my doctor of choice.

But I will admit, I’m scared:

  • The idea of having any surgery and having something go wrong and missing out on Baby MPB’s life petrifies me.
  • I’m not excited about the scaring – so far everyone has told me it won’t be too bad and will definitely be worth it, but I’m still nervous about this.
  • What if I’m the rare circumstance where infection or necrosis (skin or nipple loss due to diminished circulation of the skin) occurs, that will suck! And since I’m always the one who falls on the wrong side of the statistics I cannot help but worry.
  • Not being able to lift Baby MPB for a few weeks. Honestly, I hate the thought of this, especially knowing how hard it was when I was sick for me to not be able to care for him, but also for Mr. MPB to have to do everything. But, I also know getting this surgery now while he is so little will be so much easier then when he’s 2 or 3. Actually, the public doctor highly recommended I get it ASAP because of his age and the fact that I’ll be able to lift him about a week after the surgery and I won’t have to worry about him knocking into me.
  • I’m worried Mr. MPB will not like the end result.  Heck, I’m worried I wont like the end result. Maybe I’ll be one of the people who scar horribly or they’ll end up too small.

All my fears aside, at this point in time I’m committed to doing this. I firmly believe it will make a going to improve my personal quality of life. I firmly believe my back won’t bother me as much and exercise will be easier.

And so, my surgery is scheduled for the end of August!

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27 Comments on “Cosmetic Surgery Here I Come!

  1. Well done you! It is a big undertaking but the fact that it will improve your quality of life so much makes it worthwhile from my point of view. It means you’ll be able to interact with your son more easily and I think he won’t remember it as he’s so young, so hopefully the impact will be minimal. Wishing you all the best for the op!

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  2. I’m so excited for you, and kind of jealous!! I would LOVE to have this done, but haven’t been able to for obvious reasons. I do hope that some day when we’re done having kids I’ll be able to have this done too. I’m sure your surgery will go great!! Just remember that these guys do this all the time, they could probably do it in their sleep, so you should try not to stress too much about what “could” go wrong. The chances are slim, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results!

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  3. Good for you! It sounds like ideal timing and I am guessing it will be absolutely life changing and positive for you. Xo

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  4. Go you! I’ve always thought about reduction surgery. If for no other reason than to have an easier time finding bras. But being in the States I don’t have the public healthcare option. I’m likely to have my gall bladder removed this summer and I have some of the same fears about caring for my one-year-old. Luckily she’s petite so it may not be as big of an issue.

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  5. Terrific! You know how I feel about this stuff, and it’s not just something you dislike but something that hinders your quality of life. I love that you’re doing this for yourself!

    I’m nervous about my procedure on Monday, and it’s not invasive. I understand your hesitation having had 4 major surgeries in my life. Being put under is scary, being cut open is scary, waiting to heal is scary, and hoping for good results is scary. It’s all scary. Hugs!

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  6. I’ve had reduction surgery. I haven’t had any adverse effects however I will say that based on my experience being able to pick up the baby within a week is unrealistic. I think a month is more likely. I struggled to pick up my laptop bag when I went back to work but you may be different. I will say it was WELL worth it for me and I’ve been extremely happy with the decision.

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  7. Oh wow! A major step! I wish you the best of luck with this surgery and recovery and I hope you’re happy with the results!

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  8. I also had this consult a few weeks ago and I’m waiting to hear from the Dr. whether or not insurance will cover it or not…hopefully I’ll hear within the next week or two and hopefully it will be a yes! My Dr. said that he’s never had a person regret having this surgery, they’ve just regretted not doing it sooner. As far as scarring goes, I would suggest ordering some Young Living Lavender oil before you have surgery. It really helps promote healing and if I get to do this surgery, it will be used constantly as soon as I’m able to get to my incisions. Any surgery is nerve-wracking so I totally get you there. Keep us updated! 🙂

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  9. I had the reduction when I was 19. Other than making breast feeding somewhat difficult (which is not an issue for you), I’m so glad I did it! I will say though that at 19 I did not listen well to my post op restrictions and within a week was doing things I shouldn’t have. This resulted in my incision opening up and almost having to go back into surgery. I honestly don’t think you will be able to pick up your baby a week after surgery, and trust me, you DON’T want to get to the point of infection or having to go back under the knife.
    It’s a life changing surgery and has completely changed my ability to run comfortably as well as love my body (I’m 5’4″, 115 lbs and huge boobs looked so wrong on my petite frame.) I’m excited for you!

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  10. What a big decision. My wife had a reduction and has never regretted it! She’s just so much more comfortable, no shoulder or back pain now. She did have a bit of scarring, but only because it turned out she was allergic to the type of stitches they used. But even those scars are small and don’t show in a a bra or bathing suit. Very exciting!

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  11. Wow!!! I think you’ve given this so much thought and consideration. I’m sure it will be a great decision. Well done and exciting news to have it booked in!!!

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  12. My friend had reduction surgery and was soooo happy. While she was achey, she was picking up her friend’s toddler very soon afterward. Good luck & congrats!

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  13. I had one done January of 2012 and it was the best thing I ever did. I’m totally getting another once I’m done breastfeeding my gang

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    • Also at the time everyone told me it was an awful recovery but I found about one or two days really painful and by the third day I was bacj at school in classes just on regular tylenol

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  14. Awesome! Good for you! It’s the type of thing many think about but the time can never seem right. Your plan sounds great. Just remember you need to take the down time required, which will be hard for you since you take such good care of everyone 🙂

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  15. Good for you! I had nose surgery when Monkey was 18 months old and this was THE WORST AGE EVER for it. He just didn’t get it and he even headbut me when it was healing. I was petrified I’d have to have it all done again. If I’d just waited another 6-12 months it would have been better. Anyway the point of mentioning that is just to say if you don’t get it done when he is a baby, wait until after 18 months!!!

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  16. Ah this is just so awesome. After all you’ve been through I love that you are doing something purely for you. Any surgery is scary, I completely agree, but I truly believe all will be well!

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  17. WHOOOHOOO! My mom had hers done years and years ago, she still has very little numbness around the nipples, but otherwise the scars are hardly noticeable and they look great! I think it’s either now or wait until Baby MPB is grown. Now is a good as anytime!!

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  18. Good for you! I would want this for myself, but the doctors (and chiropractor ) don’t think my size affects my back or neck. So I’d have to pay for it myself, as it would be considered cosmetic and not medical. Good luck.


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