A Quick Jump Across the USA

This last weekend Baby MPB took his first airplane ride.  The flight went well, in fact, he slept through the entire thing in a carrier on my chest.  (Thank you to whomever told me a baby carrier is a basic necessity for flying with an infant).

On the one hand, this is very exciting as we are one step closer to going home!!

On the other hand, we have now said our in-person goodbyes to our birth mom.  We have promised a visit at some point, but we have not set a date and we all know it will be a while before we see each other again in person.  Leaving her was incredibly bitter sweet because we know that it means we are closer to getting home and.  But, we also know the magnitude of what she is saying goodbye to.

It was hard for me to say goodbye to her, I cannot even begin to imagine how incredibly hard this is on her.


We flew a few days ago.  We were told we could be going home in as little as 2-3 days.  Well, no surprise, that didn’t happen.  We are still waiting on the USA judge to sign the adoption paperwork so that Canada can then sign their documents.  Once all that happens we get the official documents from our agency.  And then we can get a rush order passport and fly home.  It’s been an insanely stressful week, possibly one of the hardest of my entire life.

As of now, I’m trying to let go of the schedule because it’s killing me every single time they miss an estimated timeline.  So, right now, I’m just hoping that things fall into place this week so we don’t have to wait through another weekend.  I miss the modern comforts of my own home and my personal freedom.  Mostly, right now I miss my kitchen and my washer and dryer.

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10 Comments on “A Quick Jump Across the USA

  1. I truly hope you get home soon. The first week with a new born is stressful enough without the added traumas you guys are having to endure and are totally at the mercy of other people (official people at that) to get you back to where you belong to start your exciting new lives together.

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  2. Glad baby MPB did well on the flight. I hope you get all of the paperwork finished (I guess I hope more that the paperwork can get put together by the outside parties, as you are so organized that the delay is not your problem).

    I cannot imagine how difficult that goodby must have been. You are in my thoughts and I hope things are going well for all parties involved.

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  3. I think ditching expectations on your timeline sounds perfect. It will be great when you get home but no point in focusing on what day that will be when it is in some stranger’s hands who is just working through a pile of paperwork on their desk. Wishing for a speedy return for you X

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  4. Can’t imagine how hard it must be to not be able to go home yet! The 4 days I spent in the hospital felt like prison! I hope everything falls into place soon and the three of you get to go home and really start this whole new life a little more comfortably!

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  5. That’s so great that he travels well, what a blessing! I know how you feel about the schedules, I am very schedule oriented too, but I too have learned to let go of it through this whole house building and TTCing journey.
    I’m excited for you because I feel like this flight was one more important step to getting your family home and I can’t see a downside from that side of it. The delay is really frustrating I know, but if they are taking their time about it perhaps that means they are paying attention to detail and therefore there is little chance of any errors on their part.
    Fingers crossed it all comes together for you soon and you can get bubs first passport. How exciting! xx

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  6. I hope that the process starts moving a little quicker for you so that you can take your baby home. It can be so frustrating when you have a timeline of how things should work out, but they don’t. xo

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