Sunday Fun Day: Making a New Snack

I recently fall in love with these fruit bars:

20151101 - SundayFunDay_2

But, the problem is they aren’t cheap.  And I’m not convinced they are the healthiest healthy snack available.

So, Mr. MPB and I decided it was time to find a way to make me a healthier version of my new found treat.

So, we went shopping.  We searched for affordable fruit, which isn’t that easy to find in our part of the world at this time of the year.  In fact, we couldn’t buy any locally grown fruit.  But we did buy banana’s, red grapes (they were on sale) and unsweetened apple sauce.

When we got home, I dug out our food dehydrator and Mr. MPB got out our food processor.

We got to work.

I washed the fresh fruit.

Mr. MPB dug out some frozen strawberries.

And we shoved everything in the food processor.  No recipe list or specified quantities.  No sugar added.  No preservatives added.  Nothing but fruit.

Truthfully, it was kind of a gross looking giant mix of pureed fruit.

The result, delicious home-made fruit roll-ups!

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36 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Making a New Snack

  1. Yum!! We’ve intended on making some fruit roll ups too with our dehydrator, but haven’t gotten around to purchasing the special trays for them. Those look soo good!

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    • Our new one is so much larger then our old one (I threw the old one out when I realized it was full of bpa) and now I’m struggling to figure out where to store it. Too many kitchen gadgets! ☺


    • I love using our dehydrator, it makes such great snacks! We haven’t made jerky with it yet, probably next weekend if we have a bit of time to prep it. But so far I much prefer this one to our old one because of the timer and temperature control. Now we aren’t staying up half the night checking on stuff so we don’t ruin it. And anything that let’s me sleep is worth it in my mind! Our only complaint so far it that it’s a bit big with 6 trays so it doesn’t fit in our kitchen cupboard so storing it is annoying. And I guess it could be quieter, but it’s not too bad.

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  2. I try making these with my dehydrator (have that exact one btw) and i always make it too thin and its like strawberry puree chips. not bad tasting though. Gotta try it again. Yours looks great!!


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