I Started Baby Shopping Again

So, a while ago I noticed that I hadn’t done anything baby related in a while.  I got busy with work, and then I stopped slowly buying baby stuff.

Then I posted about our decision to put together a baby hospital bag, and got lots of amazing suggestions.

And, so, I started buying some stuff again.  Some will be really useful while we are away, as per everyone’s suggestions.  But I also went off list and bought a few things I randomly stumbled upon.

In fact, I’ve spend enough money that I am now self-imposing a spending freeze for fear that if I don’t we wont be able to pay for the adoption!  (Okay, it wasn’t quite that bad, but still).

So, here’s what I’ve purchased in the last few weeks:

Video Baby Monitor (as per Awaiting Autumn’s post about an amazing sale in Canada).

20150911 - Image13

3 Baby Books.  Seriously my baby book buying addiction is turning problematic.

20150911 - Image11

The cutest and most practical laundry bin ever with great folding handles, as I have to go up and down lots of stairs to do the laundry.

20150911 - Image5

2 wall organizers – 1 for baby’s room and 1 for the cookie monster play area in the basement.  Or maybe both will go in the play area in the basement.  I’m not quite sure yet.

Bottle warmer.  Given that we have no idea what where we will be staying for the first few weeks of our child’s life, we thought this might be really useful.

20150911 - Image2

Counter top drying rack and accessory for all things bottle related.

These cute little age blocks, which have resulted in me falling in love with this shop on Etsy.

Photo Source

A bottle bag for when we manage to leave the house with baby.

20150911 - Image15

Cute little baby closet dividers to help keep us organized.  (Another great find from Awaiting Autumn)

20150911 - Image17

Basic baby health care stuff.

20150911 - Image16

Bottle and nipple brush.  Clearly a need.

20150911 - Image9

Car sunshade.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and spend a few weeks in somewhere like California/Florida/Hawaii in January and need sun protection.

20150911 - Image10

Stroller toy.  Infants need these, right?  Or maybe it’s just the crazy parents who think they are cute.

20150911 - Image7

A few types of infant pacifiers / soothers so we can try a few really easily.

Wipe warmer as requested by Mr. MPB.  If he is going to request something he’s going to get it!

20150911 - Image3

I think the decision to invest in Amazon Prime was a big mistake.

And now I want to meet our baby even more!  Each time a package arrives I get both excited and sad because I know our baby is coming and yet I have no idea when.

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52 Comments on “I Started Baby Shopping Again

  1. Yes! I love all the purchases. I have an older version of that monitor and it’s amazing. I also have the grass drying rack and those bottle brushes, and they work great!


    • You are so right about never having too many books! I’m passing my book addiction on to our child and I’m 100% okay with that! And seriously, that laundry basket and wall hangings are so adorable and functional, and that seems like the perfect combo! 🙂

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  2. Fun! I bet when it all happens, it’s gonna be fast and when you least expect it, so stocking up now makes sense and gives you an emotional outlet for your nesting, which I personally think gets more intense over the years – letting that out in a productive way helps.


  3. Great purchases! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Avent pacifiers. Once baby is old enough to put in their own pacifier they work great since there’s no top or bottom. Wipe warmer was great for us in the beginning during winter. Now we just use it as a wipe dispenser (without it being turned on). Video monitors are AMAZING! I think it’s the only reason I’m ok with Mackenzie in her own room. I can see her at all times without disturbing her.


    • I have no idea if our child will like pacifiers, but I wanted to have a few on hand to try. And I love that you recommend the Avent brand that I bought!
      And as for the video monitor it is a must in my mind. While we are travelling for the first bit we will have a chaperone (until the adoption is approved on both sides of the border), so I think it will be really useful for the chaperone to check on baby from another room in the house/adjoining hotel rooms and us to check on them. And of course we’ll use it at home too.

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      • I totally agree with having different brands. For the first 6 Months the Nuk orthodontic ones were what we liked, but when we transitioned to the 6-18 month size we had all sorts of issues and switched to the Avent. We’ve gone through trial and error with a few others but now I wish we would have done Avent in the beginning!

        I totally think you’re justified in the purchase of the video monitor. We take ours with us when we travel. We try to have Mackenzie sleep in a separate room if we’re at a friends house to mimic how things are at home.

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  4. Omg. I just typed the LONGEST comment and I lost it. I am so mad!!!! I’ll try again later when I have both of my hands. Ugh. Happy shopping friend!


  5. Seeing lots of things I have on here! Seriously though, there’s no such thing as “too many” books. Every book you buy has different words in it, and every time you read something new, new sounds and words are introduced! I have a collection of CHAPTER BOOKS for Amora already, lol! (In my defense, they are a collection of the author who inspired her nursery, and daddy bought them). Love that you’re allowing yourself space to be excited even when the waiting is hard 🙂


    • I hear you about the book collection. I figure my book addiction is far better then many other types of addictions. 🙂 And if I can pass my love of reading and writing on to our child, then I’ll be one happy momma! 🙂


  6. Now that you have your drying racks, you need to get your bottles and pacifiers sterilized. Fun. 😣 I always prepped mine well in advance, made sure they were 100% dry, then sealed them in freezer bags until needed. It was nice to get that out of the way, because it’s not the”funnest” prep task.

    I love buying baby stuff… It’s so fun!


  7. Love all your purchases! The drying rack was a game changer for me. Love that thing. Books – can never have too many I say. Do you have a costco membership? I’ve gotten quite a few from there, I love a good deal. Car seat/stroller toys – yea they need these. I didn’t realize how important they are until we saw the physiotherapist and went and bought like $100 worth more of different things. Really important for their fine motor skills. Again, if you have a costco membership they get some great items in for this.
    Eeekk!! So exciting!!


  8. I have that bottle brush and it’s going on 6 months of daily use and holding up great! I’ve boiled it to sanitize it of course.

    I have a similar video monitor. I love it!!

    And stroller toys are an absolute must IMO. Both babies get bored in the car/stroller with nothing to do so we almost always take along toys. 🙂

    I hope your placement is soon! I’m getting soooo excited for you guys. 🙂


  9. I love your purchases! And the book you chose reminded me of my favorite “first year of life” book, Everywhere Babies. I loved it, and my kid loved it. Oh here’s an idea…


    • The hamper and the wall hangers are 3spouts. I had never heard of the company before, but their stuff is adorable and affordable, which is always a good combination. And once it arrived I noticed that it also looks well made, so that’s a really good bonus. 🙂

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  10. I’ve got that bottle warmer on my list to buy! It has great reviews for fitting the most kinds of bottles. BTW, not sure if you seen my other comment but I got my monitor today. Yours should arrive early next week then. That was quick shipping!


  11. I have the grass drying rack and love that thing! I also have the twig tree and flower. The flower is great for nipple drying.
    Wipes warmer – a must! We had to go out and buy one his first few days home because he would scream bloody murder when a cold wipe touched him.
    The little stroller toys are actually super useful!! I didn’t even know about them. You hook them to the car seat handle when it is flipped in front. Get a pack of rings. Most useful thing for hooking toys to anything! And they are toys themselves.


    • I am so glad to hear that the grass drying rack i good. I was kind of worried that it was a bit too gimmicky and I’d be disappointed. Also good to know about the flower, it was out of stock so I’ll pick it up another time. And seriously, so happy to know that the wipes warmer is a must and the stroller toys are good too. There are so many baby things that it’s kind of hard to know what we actually need!

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      • It is so hard at first! I felt like Must Get Everything! Lol. The only thing that was a bust so far was the fancy baby tub with waterfall action and shower attachment. He hated it. Ended up just taking the padded insert out of $100+ tub and using regular tub. It was easier just to get in with him. Makes bath time a little more fun too.


  12. Where did you get the closet dividers, and the hanging wall organizers!?!? They would all go perfectly in my safari themed nursery in the making for our hopeful baby to be! Everything here is awesome! I’m so happy you’ve started buying stuff again. I don’t have Amazon Prime for a reason lol!


  13. I love all of your purchases! I could spend hours and hours shopping online for Dumplin’. My MIL gets mad at me and says that there won’t be anything left for people to buy him for his baby shower lol.


  14. No such thing as too many books!! Now that they are older I keep a bin of books by each of our kids’ beds and just rotate out the books between the shelf which stays in the closet (climbing risk with my kids!) and what’s in the bin to read. Some moms can handle reading the same book 14 times a day. I am not one of them so when they start down that path we rotate to a new set. Hopefully you have a good library nearby! It has been a lifesaver (and money saver!) for us.


  15. We loved our wipes warmer too in the winter! We also have some of the 3Sprouts boxes which are super cute. Looks like you have some wonderful purchases, how exciting!


  16. A wall organizer looks like such a good idea! I hope you like all of your new purchases and that you get to use them all soooooooooooon! ❤


  17. Good for you! I hope your baby is from LA and I can meet you all 🙂 I have the 3 sprouts laundry hamper (pink deer) and I love it. It’s so cute and easy to throw onesies into. I got their storage bins for my nephew too and my sister loves them. I like the portable bottle warmer – that’s going to be very helpful.


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