Not Our Typical Mountain Weekend Away

I have come to appreciate any moment I am able to spend with nature.  Particularly those summer moments I spend in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

It’s as though the mountain air breathes life into my soul.   I slow down.  I watch the birds flutter about. I listen to the nearby waters trickle down stream.  I enjoy the crackle of the fire and the simplicity of life.

I feel at peace.

I’m fortunate that the mountains are my extended backyard.  I can get to them and enjoy them almost whenever I need to.  We spend out summer’s camping, hiking and fishing away the days.

So, clearly weekends in the mountains refresh and rejuvenate me.   So much so that I tend to spend my weeks thinking about my next weekend escape.

Yet, as we packed up for this weekend camping trip, I knew it would be different.

First, we were going a lot further then we normally go, which meant many hours in the car driving and watching the scenery pass us by.  I enjoy being in the mountains, but watching them pass us by through the car window is not my idea of fun.

Second, the weather gods were not on our side.  The forecast ensured I packed a touque, mittens and long underwear.

Third, there would be no epic hikes.  My blistered feet are still recovering from the last few hikes we’ve done.  So I had no interest in pushing the boundaries with my already unhappy feet.

And lastly, we were sharing a campsite with some members of our extended family.  This family that has a tendency raise my anxiety level and cause me extreme stress.  And this family also has a tendency to make me feel smothered as they take away my me time with a need for constant attention, which is something I very much need.

So, as we left our house for the weekend, part of me wanted to turn back and run inside to the safety of my warm house.

That was out of the question, so we went.

And, now that I’m back home, I can report that we did not get snowed on, but we did spent a large majority of the weekend being rained on in 10 degree Celsius or colder weather (50 Fahrenheit).   The evenings huddling close around the fire were cold, and at night I required long underwear, 5 blankets and Mr. MPB to keep warm.  And the mornings were almost intolerable – no amount of tea could warm me up.

And the family?  The family visit that turned my stomach in knots for days leading up to the visit?  Well, it was surprisingly tolerable.  Heck, it was even actually good at times! We told jokes. We played board games. We laughed.  There were minimal differences of opinion and not too many moments of frustration.  There were no invasive or stupid questions asked or insensitive comments made.

And so, on that positive note, I’ll leave you with a few photos from our weekend.

20150907 - Not Our Typical_1

20150907 - Not Our Typical_3

20150907 - Not Our Typical_2

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21 Comments on “Not Our Typical Mountain Weekend Away

    • Mr. MPB started unpacking everything while i had the world’s most amazing hot shower. I was tempted to have a bath, but I did think he might get slightly annoyed if I didn’t help with anything. 🙂


  1. So glad time with family was actually fun. This makes me want to go out and explore today. Your descriptions were so life like! Co


  2. Glad you enjoyed your time with the relatives! Aside from the rain, I really crave some cold air, but of course not while camping. It’s been in the high 90’s around here and I want fall to arrive. And as always, your pictures are beautiful.


    • Thanks Sondra! Now that fall seems to be starting here, all I want is your warm weather. To me, fall means that winter is about to start and I’m just not ready for winter! 🙂


  3. I’m happy the weekend ended up being tolerable with the family and even some fun was had. However, your description of the weather is exactly why this girl told J no more camping, lol. I don’t come from a camping family, but he does. Both times I’ve gone…it’s poured!


      • Me too. We camped high on a mountain in Colorado one summer and it was intolerable cold. Complete misery for me… No silver lining. Ha!


  4. I’m so glad it went better than you expected!! And OMG that waterfall!!! I really do need to get up to visit you so you can take me to some of these places!!


  5. Brrrrrrr – it’s still 28C here ;-p I’m afraid I have become a snob with cold weather and acclimatised to the southern climes (never going back to the UK now!! – and there is still warm compared to you!!!) Stunning waterfall picture – your hands must have been cold taking that one!! Sounds like it was a good chance to reset and take a breather??


  6. I love camping but man alive I hate the cold! I am glad though it turned out surprisingly well, despite the frigid weather. Such a stunning part of the world. I would so love to go back there.


  7. Wow! That waterfall!!! I’m glad that the family part pleasantly surprised you, and there’s something really sweet about having to snuggle into your hubby lots for warmth. I bet Sadie was in heaven too!!


  8. Your photographs and outdoor experiences ways far exceed those I imagine in the U.S. So beautiful. I hope your feet are recovering. I know things have been tough with different family members and Im glad you had a good time with these.


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