Today is My Last Happy Day

Today is my last happy day.

It’s weird to say that today is my last happy day because it implies that I will no longer be happy, which is clearly not the case. The point of this exercise was to force myself to see something that would make me smile at least once a day, no matter what.  While I will not make the same effort to carry my camera, a Pentax K5 with me daily, I do hope that the lesson of this year will stay with me.  And so, I think it’s quite the opposite, today is not my last happy day rather it is just another day in a string of a lifetime full of happy moments.

It’s also surreal to think that today marks 365 consecutive days since my first happy moment photo.  Today marks 365 consecutive days that I managed to take a photo of a happy moment.  Some moments were small and fleeting; some moments were hard to find and other moments were more epic and extravagant.  I find it hard to believe that for 365 straight days, without missing a single day, I have taken a photo of something that made me happy.

So, what are we doing today to celebrate?

First, we have both booked the day off from work, so there will be no client meetings, no emails and no phone calls (hopefully).  It is a day dedicated to happiness!

Mr. MPB planned an epic final happy day – a ride in a hot air balloon.  Unfortunately, late last night the company cancelled as the winds will be too strong to safely fly.  And while a hot air balloon ride sounds fun on a calm day, on a windy day it sounds dangerous and not so fun.  So, although we are slightly disappointed we are happy to be keeping our feet safely to the ground.

This means that in a somewhat fun twist of fate we have no idea how we will spend today.

The new goal to celebrate my final happy day is to do something spontaneous and fun that I haven’t already captured in a photograph – so no photos of food, exercise, home renos, flowers, shoes, costco, hiking, birds or our dog.

Additionally we are both a bit wrecked from a wonderful weekend in the mountains that included way too much hiking in hot sunshine, so we are committed to finding something relatively calm and relaxing.  So, as of now we have no idea what this will be, but I am confident that we will do something special today.  I am confident that no matter what today will be happy, because I’ve learned that no-matter what happens there is always something worth smiling about.  And really, isn’t that the point of this last year?

And so, we are off to mark today with a happy memory.  Expect a final extra long happy day post in the near future.

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34 Comments on “Today is My Last Happy Day

  1. So awesome! I’m so proud of you! What a great way to end the challenge. I completely agree with the hot air balloon.. In the wind, without a way to navigate doesn’t sound very fun to me! 😊

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  2. What a huge task to complete. I wish I would have heard about this challenge when my husband and I were starting the adoption process. Little things can get in the way of recognizing happy moments each day and this is such a sweet reminder. Thank you for sharing. I sincerely hope you find something wonderfully happy to occupy your time today.

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    • Thank you! It is a huge accomplishment to actually finish a full year – it’s hard to believe! So far we are making a point to try not to work and just relax. It’s been a happy day so far. 🙂

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  3. I’m still sad it’s over, but I’m happy you no longer have to carry a big camera with you every day! I hope you’re able to find just the perfect thing to celebrate this big day. I’m impressed you made it. I start doing this all the time (letting myself use my phone) and I still forget after a few days I’m supposed to be doing it, lol.

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  4. It’s amazing that you kept it up for a full year! I started this project and got to day….37? And then I fizzled out. So I applaud you for keeping it going and finding something that made you happy each and every day.

    Hope you have an amazing day today, no matter what you do!

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    • Thank you so much Lindsay. I think a full year is amazing and crazy! 🙂
      So far today is just pretty chill – sushi for lunch and now hanging out at home with Mr. MPB and the dog. It’s nice just to have the day off work (well, mostly, we’ve both been on our phones working today).


  5. I can’t even believe it’s the last happy day!! I have so much to catch up on, but I can’t wait to hear how you two spend the day and I can’t wait to see pics! 🙂

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  6. Wow, so impressive that you kept this going for a whole year! I found you only a couple of months ago, but thanks for sharing your happy days with all of us. And reminding us to find the same, even through whatever. xx

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  7. CONGRATULATIONS my dear!!! You did it! It’s here! Happiness so near! Everyday is your day, nothing in your way, I don’t care what they say! – my attempt at a Seuss-like comment 🙂 Sending you three (and energetically four) lots of love!!

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  8. So sad it’s over but also anytime I want to feel uplifted, I go to your actual blog and view the pics. Mmmm grilled cheese! Nothing beats the nature ones though. Thank you for the 365 days!

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  9. I’m going to miss your happy days and hope you don’t give it up completely! I am so proud of you for sticking with it and not giving up.


  10. I will miss these posts, but I’m glad you ended on a good note. ❤ How was the hot air balloon ride?


  11. Sad that your balloon ride was cancelled, but I’m sure you found something else just as fun to fill your day with! I’m sad that your happy day pics are over, because I always looked forward to them. I’m sure you’ll share other pics in your own time, but this was so fun for me every week lol! Can’t wait to see what you guys did!


  12. I really enjoyed your little “Days Of Happy” series…it always made me smile, so thank you for that. It’s nice to be reminded that we can find happiness in the little things…I have to admit, a bit sad it’s over…


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