The Real Neat Blog Award

20150418 - The Real Neat Blog Award

A while back two wonderful bloggers nominated me for The Real Neat Blog Award. Planting Beans & Baby Brain… Sans Baby – I adore you both! While the precise nature of our journeys are dissimilar, we share in the common hurt of infertility and we also share in our love and compassion for each other. I really recommend taking a few minutes to check out both of these bloggers.

The Rules:

  • Put the Award Logo in your post.
  • Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  • Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
  • Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog)

My Questions from Grace at Planting Beans:

If you won the lottery who would you tell if anyone?

If I won a substantial amount of money I would tell Mr. MPB and our financial advisor. Otherwise, we’d probably keep it to ourselves because people get so weird when it comes to money.

Which fictional character can you most relate too?

Oh, I have absolutely no idea. So, I turned to google to find a quiz which would tell me which fictional character am I most like. The answer was Neytiri. Here’s the thing, I have no idea who Neytiri is. So, this meant I either had to google Neytiri (which I did,

she’s from Avatar) or ask Mr. MPB his thoughts on this. He suggested I am most like Velma from Scooby-Doo because we were watching a classic Scooby-Doo episode at the time and I’m nerdy and wear glasses. Then he suggested that I’m like Pinky from Pinky & the Brain because I love that cartoon and like Pinky I often have a very short attention span and get distracted easily.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sushi. Maybe chocolate. Oh, and maybe a nice glass of red wine too. So, I’m going to say that all three of these are my guilty pleasure, just not at the same time.

Who was your favorite band in high school?

Backstreet Boys. (Yes, I was that girl).

You’re moving to a different country and never coming back. You can take three living people/animals and three of your belongings with you. Who and what do you take?

My chosen people / animals would include Mr. MPB, our Dog and our future child. We’re a pretty awesome family, and I’m confident we’d make new friends wherever we go. And honestly, thanks to this blog, I probably already have a friend in whatever country we’d land in.

I am not a real stuff person, so my three belongings:

  • Comfortable shoes because shoes are absolutely critical to investigating a new country.
  • My wallet because it includes all the important things that will allow me to function in a foreign country (i.e. visa, cash, medical insurance cards, photos of my mom and sister, etc.). And seriously, if I can only bring three things I need items in my wallet to buy all kinds of new things like weather appropriate clothing, toothbrush, paper, etc.)
  • Tummy drugs. I always travel prepared for any sort of stomach illness and after having had a debilitating bug in Peru this is now an absolute must in my opinion.

How did you celebrate your last birthday?

I requested a day with Mr. MPB and a dinner that included one of everything from the ocean. Mr. MPB made my birthday wish come true and we had a great day together with an amazing meal to end the day.

What is something that people might not know about you?

My absolute favourite colour is blue. I love a bright blue sky and am thankful I love in a sunny place even in the cold of the winter. I love our new beach blue bathroom. I love the crisp blue of the ocean. Blue is such a happy colour.

20150412 - 100HappyDays_Day274

My Questions from Beanie:

What scares you about becoming a mom?

Dying young and leaving my children when they are too young to be left and forced to grow up instantly. This fear is deeply rooted in losing my mom when I was a young teenager and knowing what that has done to my life. While I cannot control this, I desperately do not want my future child to know that kind of loss at such a young age.

What is something that you’re talented at?

I have stared at this question for at least 20 minutes and I continue to draw a blank. But here’s the thing, I know I’m talented at many things so I have no idea why I cannot think of anything right now. I refuse to post this until I can legitimately answer the question.

Photography. I am not a professional, I do not make any money off my efforts, but I do enjoy taking photos and I think I’m not half bad at it.

What is something that your partner does to annoy you?

Mr. MPB has an amazing talent at walking into the kitchen while I’m cooking and trying to kiss me. Now for many people this might be fun and adorable. But he has a knack for doing so at the most inopportune times, like when my hands are elbow deep in raw ground beef or when I’m using a sharp knife. So far he has not lost any fingers, but I worry one day he might spook me at the wrong time and ops…

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream?
Vanilla if it’s store bought. Chocolate if we make it at home. Seriously, the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker is amazing and worth every penny!

Would you want to be nominated for another award?

Sure, I’d really love to be nominated for any award, it’s always great to be recognized. I am aiming to be nominated for a Grammy or something like that. Of course, no-one outside of my car gets to hear me sing, so I doubt that will ever happen.

In all seriousness, I think these things are fun, I love getting to know people outside of their typical posts, and I love finding new blogs.

What is your favorite way to eat a potato?

I am not a fan of potatoes, in fact I’d go so far as to say that I really do not like potatoes. If I have to eat them, I’d go with potato skins as an appetizer at a restaurant because sour cream, bacon bits and scallions help make potatoes palatable. Or I could eat any potato made in Peru because the Peruvian’s know how to make wonderful food, including potatoes!  I cannot tell you what type of potatoes these are, or how they were made, but these are from a restaurant in Lima and they are the absolute best potatoes I’ve ever had.

20150418 - The Real Neat Blog Award6

If you could have unlimited, all inclusive, all paid trips to ONE place, where would you pick?

I love to travel to new places, so this one is hard for me. But if I have to pick repeat trips to the same place, I’d probably pick Thailand. I adored our time in Thailand and could spend countless trips exploring more of the country and relaxing on Thailand’s picturesque beaches, like this secluded beach we found in Phuket and had to ourselves.

20150418 - The Real Neat Blog Award5

My Nominations:

I always struggle with this part, so I’ve decided to take a different approach – I’m going to nominate bloggers that are newer to the blogging world and could probably use more support and love.  If you feel like participating have fun, if not, no worries.

Mz Pippi Longstocking

Maybe Baby…

Bye Bye Bean

I’m Impregnable

Stitching A Family

The Owl and The Empty Nest

Meet the Hopefuls

The Longest Journey

Hoping on Hope

My Pink Champagne Life

The Questions I’m asking you:

  1. What is your favourite Song?
  2. What do you value most about blogging?
  3. Do you have any pets?
  4. What does your typical day look like?
  5. What game do you play the most on your cell phone?
  6. What are your hobbies?
  7. What is your favourite meal? If it’s homemade, please share the recipe.

If you like this post, please feel free to share and please click the follow button on the side or return to to follow my journey.

28 Comments on “The Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Wow, that birthday feast…. Oh my god. I love how your request was “one of everything from the ocean”. I also agree- you take great photos, and Thailand would be amazing.


  2. I love these simply because I love getting to know more about people!! Your cartoon answer made me laugh, too 🙂


  3. I also have the same guilty pleasures and LOVE (yes, present tense, I’m not ashamed!) the Backstreet Boys!! <3. What a lovely birthday dinner! I would always choose seafood over meat. YUM. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. i love getting to know you better with each of these awards and there is no doubt in my mind that you are most deserving of them all! xoxo


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  6. Your answers are awesome! I love that you mentioned Thailand as a place you’d like to repeat visit, thats on my list for hubs and I to go to! And BSB4LYFE lol! Thank you so much for the nomination! I’m a bit behind in blogging right now, but I have bookmarked this so I can do this soon!


    • I’m looking forward to reading yours whenever you do it – I’m always behind on these things too, so I get that it may take you a while to do it.
      And I absolutely recommend going to Thailand if you can, it was such an amazing country. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you so much for the nomination. I loved reading all the answers to your questions and look forward to responding. You have been so supportive of my blog and I truly appreciate it. xo


    • I’m so glad you chose to participate!! I too had fun reading all your answers.
      I also greatly appreciate all of your support, it’s a great community filled with so much love and understanding. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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