Our Mother’s Day Hike In the Mountains

While we love to travel internationally, we also absolutely love to get outside and enjoy the sights of our own country. And fortunately for us, we live within driving distance to the Canadian Rockies.

So, in my seemingly never-ending desire to hide for our current struggles we spent Mother’s Day going for hike in the mountains. Being seasoned locals, we know May is really early for hiking. In fact, we have never actually attempted to hike this early in the year. But I was persistent, so my husband humored me. We found a pretty easy hike that shouldn’t have too much snow and ice. But, having done this hike in the past, we wanted to do the longer version through more woods with fewer people. It was about 15 kilometers (9.3miles). To get to the less used trail head, we had to diverge from the main trail that everyone else uses and walk an old logging road, which was rather muddy and snowy in some parts.

20140517 - Our Mother's Day Hike In the Mountains1We even crossed some bear tracks in the mud, but we weren’t in the mood to linger about and take photos (but now I wish common sense hadn’t won out and I took the time to get some bear paw print photos). So instead, when we were back to the main area, I took a few photos of Sadie’s puppy paw prints in the mud. Yes, they are cute, but not quite the same as a massive bear paw. 20140517 - Our Mother's Day Hike In the Mountains2After about an hour of trudging through mud and sometimes ankle-deep snow, we got to the trail head to discover that our path was still completely covered in snow and we didn’t bring the right gear (i.e snow shoes) for trekking through the snow. So we turned back and couldn’t be bothered to do the short version of the real hike.  In the end we only did about 8km.

20140517 - Our Mother's Day Hike In the Mountains3We also put Sadie’s booties on her for the last part of the hike and took a family photo. (She had a really bad experience last year hiking when she walked off her paw pads – yes, we are bad puppy parents and didn’t notice until it was too late and my husband had to carry her a couple kilometers back to the car – it was rather unpleasant for all involved). So, we used this hike to start getting her used to her booties. She’s not a fan and it was absolutely hilarious for us when she pretended one of her legs was broken at first. 20140517 - Our Mother's Day Hike In the Mountains4But, we did get to enjoy the scenery and we laughed at how muddy we were. I managed to avoid mother’s day and we had a really great day! 20140517 - Our Mother's Day Hike In the Mountains6

20140517 - Our Mother's Day Hike In the Mountains5And we learned a little lesson with this hike, which carried a slightly odd message for us at this point in time:

when at a fork in the road, sometimes the road less traveled is not the road to take

4 Comments on “Our Mother’s Day Hike In the Mountains

  1. So beautiful (even if nature didn’t readily cooperate with your original agenda)!

    My late boxer would just give me the Glare of Death and refuse to move in her booties. Our current doggie tries to shake her legs one at a time. I end up feeling so guilty I take them off. Good for you for your perseverance!


    • It was beautiful! And we made the most of the mud and had fun. Although, I still haven’t figured our how to clean the mud off the dogs pack. 🙂

      We’ve put the booties on her a few times and she has refused to move until we say the magic word – “walk”. Then she becomes so excited that she will give it a try. Her awkwardness usually only last a few minutes, and we just laugh the entire time.


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