My Nephew

My brother and sister-in-law have 2 beautiful boys. The eldest is 4 years old. The youngest is about 7 weeks old. By no means have they had it easy, but they do have 2 beautiful boys.

From what I know, their first baby, was an easy textbook pregnancy. Everything went according to plan, and there were no real issues. Their second baby was not so simple. They were expecting identical twins. They lost one of the twins about halfway through the pregnancy. There were significant risks for the second twin and they didn’t know if he would make it. He did. And, the miracle is that he’s also perfectly healthy.

I really struggled with their second pregnancy. They announced there pregnancy the same day we found out our third baby was dying. This was no fault of their own, they had no idea we were even trying to have kids, let along that we had received horrible news that day. I’ll never forget when they called, it was oddly late at night, and I said to my husband “either someone has died, or they are pregnant”. Thankfully, it was not a death. But for me, in that moment, the news hit me pretty hard. It’s hard to explain, but it was not good news. We made the decision not to say anything about our situation, first because we were not going to take away from there excitement, and secondly, because we didn’t want to add to their fears about having a healthy pregnancy. So, we kept quiet.

So, fast-forward a few months and they ended up in a very high risk situation and lost one of the twins. My brother was in no shape to call the entire family himself with the news and so he asked my Dad to let the rest of us know. My Dad, who know about our situation, decided not to tell me as he didn’t want to upset me. (While I understand where he was coming from, but this approach really upset me as I can handle it and did handle it and was probably more prepared to provide them with support then almost anyone else!). So, I ended up hearing at work through an email from my cousin – not the ideal way to find out. Oddly enough having been through 3 miscarriages, I had not cried once at work (in my opinion personal emotion does not belong in an office). But, when I found out about there’s, I sat in my office in tears and quickly got myself back to together so I could leave until I could regain my composure. I also called my brother and told him about our situation and offered to let them talk to us anytime they wanted to.

So, fast-forward a few more months and we found out we were pregnant again with baby 4. And a few more weeks later, their baby boy was born. And a few more weeks later, a day after a visit with him we found out our baby was dead.

I know it’s inappropriate, but I just don’t like to be around him as our third and fourth babies are just so strongly linked to him. Every time I look at him, I only think about our 2 dead babies. I see his face, and I long to see the faces of our babies. I dread holding him because all I think about is not being able to hold our babies (and if my dad forces him at me one more time to hold, it’s not going to end well for my Dad). Its feelings like this that I didn’t expect as an outcome of recurrent pregnancy loss. I despise these feelings.  I hate myself for having them.  I feel horribly guilty for having them. I wish I could just be happy for them and enjoy their happiness, but instead I have these silent emotions that make everything so much more complicated.

I recognize that these feelings are absolutely not his fault, and I desperately hope these feelings dissipates with time and I can just see him for him. And I just know, I will spend his entire life showering him with gifts to compensate for my silent feelings (and I’m pretty sure he will absolute love the gifts).

5 Comments on “My Nephew

  1. Our son was born on April 27. My husband’s cousin had a son on May 5th. We are not able to be around much because it is just to painful. It is a very hard reminder. Our son should be doing all that he is doing and experiencing. As you said, no it is not his fault. And we do not wish our relationship to be this way but the pain is just so very hard with their birthdates only a week apart. We were not able to go to his first birthday. I could not handle it. With the 2nd drawing near. I am unsure what I will be able to handle. Thinking of you.


    • Its definitely a tough situation. We’ve decided not to go home for Easter – it seems easier to just miss the family gathering this year.

      I’ll be thinking of you too.


      • We will be thinking of you too. We are going away for a couple of days over Easter. Time to recharge!


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