My Perfect Breakdown


I am slightly petrified that we are about to say goodbye to our daily nap ritual.  Let me explain. Little MPB is no longer sleeping well at night – he has pretty much always been a good sleeper, so we know something is up..  He used to sleep from 7pm to 6:30am.  A few months ago we switched his schedule to 7:30pm to 6:30am. But, in the last few weeks, he’s no… Read More

This weekend is another first for our little family.  It will be the first time Mr. MPB and I leave Little MPB over night.  Now, I have to start by admitting I never thought I’d be that mom, the one who doesn’t leave her kid with anyone.  And I’m not when it comes to during the day – he goes to daycare, and he has spent time with my parents for the… Read More