My Perfect Breakdown


A little while ago I wrote a post about doing something just for me.  Specifically, I announced to the world that I am seriously considering a breast reduction (and much to my surprise I also announced to the world my bra size.  Which by the way, I still cannot believe I did). Since that post, my family doctor has referred me to three local plastic surgeons/cosmetic surgeons.  And, I’ve learned a whole… Read More

Dani, at Blooming Spiders, recently posed a very interesting question in a comment to me. “I have had fleeting thoughts of how I’ll feel once I’m officially past child-bearing age. There will finally be a period at the end of a heartbreaking run-on sentence of loss and trauma. But will there be a sense of relief??” – Dani Once I read her question, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It has peaked… Read More