My Perfect Breakdown


They start with a black speck in my vision.  My right eye to be precise.  The speck slowly grows and soon I see black/white squiggly lines dancing through my vision.  The shape grows, sort of like a snake unwrapping from a tight coil.  This is known as an aura in the migraine world. The queasiness sets it.  (As does my irrational fear that the aura will not go away and I’ll always… Read More

My husband and I have always been told that we are very practical. We make decisions in a very systematic and calculated way, which results in us being very practical and efficient. But, it wasn’t until a recent conversation with my psychologist discussing how our 4th miscarriage was actually occurring, that I truly appreciated just how practical we are – mainly because she actually laughed and said “of course you two would… Read More