My Perfect Breakdown


Recently we completely randomly ran into old friends.  And when I say old friends, I should probably clarify what I mean. Both Mr. MPB and I knew them from our early university days, over 15 years ago.  They are a couple who started dating around the same time Mr. MPB and I started dating.  But, the guys were never great friends and nor were us women.  We used to see them regularly when… Read More

Those of us who experience infertility and/or recurrent pregnancy loss often alone and at times even scared.  Our lives are dictated by medical appointments and a complete lack of long term planning.  We live in 28(ish) day cycles and two week waits.  We are in a constant hope-grieve cycle.  Hope that this cycle will work.  Grieving that the cycle didn’t.  Hoping that this pregnancy will last and result in a healthy baby. … Read More