My Perfect Breakdown


It’s official.  Baby MPB will be a big brother. I knew this was in the realm of possibilities, however slim.  But, I just didn’t think that day would come anytime soon. But, as with most things baby making related after living through recurrent pregnancy loss, it’s nothing like I imagined. You see, Baby MPB’s sibling will live in an entirely different country, thousands of miles away from us.  We will make every… Read More

Imagine this, I put my foot in my mouth.  I know, shocking, right? . When Mr. MPB’s brother had a baby a few months before Baby MPB was born, Mr. MPB’s mom helped throw the baby shower.  And, then she threw them a meet and greet party at her house once baby arrived. I was invited to the shower, which I declined due to the cost of travel (and my own selfish… Read More