My Perfect Breakdown


Honestly, this last week has been a challenge. Either we don’t remember how hard Dog MPB was at this age, Dog MPB was a saint puppy or it is entirely possible that Doodle MPB is a devil puppy. And I only say this because she cries/whines/howls/barks all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME! It is so bad that the Adult MPB’s cannot hear ourselves think and Little MPB has taken… Read More

The MPB family is growing – we are adding a puppy to our little family!  In fact, she comes home later today! She is a Labradoodle.  Henceforth called Doodle MPB. The day after I wrote the post seeking help on figuring out what dog breed to get, I sort of stumbled upon some puppies while I was away with work.  I went and met them all, and fell in love with a… Read More