My Perfect Breakdown


We aren’t even halfway through December and it appears that Little MPB knows everything there is to know about Christmas. And, I cannot help but wonder how does he know all of this?!  How does he know who Santa and Frosty the snowman are?  And who taught him to say randeer?  For that matter how does he know how to say Christmas?  And how does he seem to just get all the… Read More

A few Christmas spirit inspired photos.  Enjoy! Day 1: Outside Christmas lights, hung and lite.  The first Christmas decorations of 2017. Day 2: A few Christmas gifts are wrapped and delivered. Day 3:  Passing time while waiting to see Santa. Day 4: Sticker fun with Little MPB. Day 5:  Come hell or high-water, this Christmas craft will be made before December 24, 2017 (not 2018). If you like this post, please feel… Read More