My Perfect Breakdown


So, I’m having a bad day. Why?  Because my basement looks like this: After just surviving a basement flood that destroyed most of our basement, the sight of water in our basement bathroom (the only room that wasn’t damaged in the flood) had us panicking.  It turns out the water line to our fridge failed and water began to pool in a heating duct in our basement ceiling.  Once we noticed the… Read More

Everyone has good days and bad days. Some times the good lasts for days on end, and unfortunately so do the bad. Infertility and miscarriage seems to exaggerate the good and the bad.  For me, the highs have been higher and the lows, so much lower.  Lower then I could ever have imagined.  Some times the emotional rollarcoster has bipolar in the extremes. And then there are days like today.  Today is… Read More