My Perfect Breakdown


We love with everything we have in us.  We love our children.  We love our parents.  We love our friends, our pets and our neighbours.  Oh, and our spouses too. And so we hurt when these people fall short.  When we love, we tend to expect the same compassion back.  And so, when they don’t meet our expectations and we end up licking our wounds in the corner.  Or at least, this… Read More

The next person to say those two words to me, might not survive the conversation. Honestly, I don’t usually have people in my real life tell me to relax anymore.  In fact it has been a long time since someone has been stupid enough to use those words with me.  You see, my entire life I’ve been the definition of a type-a personality.  High strung, high energy, high stress, highly controlling, etc. … Read More