My Perfect Breakdown


Another week of photos for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed each moment. Day 251 – March 14, 2015: We started the day with homemade waffles and ended it the very last bottle of our very own homemade raspberry mead. Both were delectable, but the winning happy moment photo goes to our evening glass of mead. Day 252 – March 15, 2015: We’ve lived… Read More

It might sound weird, but there was a little white bowl outside of my house. I went for walk with Sadie a few days ago, and the bowl was not there. When I returned an hour later, the bowl had arrived. It appeared seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a nice little white bowl. There is a spoon in it. It is just innocently sitting on the sidewalk. I’ve been telling myself cute… Read More