The Bowl Outside

It might sound weird, but there was a little white bowl outside of my house. I went for walk with Sadie a few days ago, and the bowl was not there. When I returned an hour later, the bowl had arrived. It appeared seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a nice little white bowl. There is a spoon in it. It is just innocently sitting on the sidewalk.

20140428 - The Bowl Outside

I’ve been telling myself cute little stories about the bowl for the last few days. Having a bit of fun with my imagination and also thinking this might indicate that it’s time for me to get out of the house filled with paint fumes.

The little white bowl looks like it would perfectly hold two scoops of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. Maybe a small child was enjoying some ice cream on the one sunny day we had this week and they got distracted by spring’s first butterfly set the bowl down and proceeded to chase after the butterfly with a smile and quite laughter.

Or maybe, one of my neighbours was late for work. They were in a hurry, so they brought their bowl full of cereal with them to eat on the go. They got close to their car and set the bowl down on the sidewalk, for a quick moment as their arms were full and something was about to fall. And should the bowl of cereal fall, they’d end up wearing milk and corn flakes, then have to run back inside to change. It would have been a mess and made them even later, so setting the bowl down was the smart and easiest thing to do. Then, in the rush and chaos of the morning, they just forgot about it. And there it sat on the sidewalk.

Or maybe, someone was walking there dog. They were hungry, so they brought a bowl of yogurt with them. Multi-tasking at its best – dog walking and snack eating. Maybe their dog needed to take bathroom break. So, as a responsible dog owner, they took the moment to pick up the doggy dodo. But, being a health cautious cleanly person and wanting to keep their hands and food clean, they also set the bowl of yogurt aside while they picked up after their dog. And, then they started to walk again, with their little baggie of doggy dodo and forgot the bowl behind.

Or maybe, all my neighbours think I’m a crazy bowl lady. They think I’m a crazy lady who left a bowl on the sidewalk outside of my house. They all look out there living room windows or drive by and think, why in the world did those people leave the bowl on the sidewalk? They have to virtually walk right over top of it to get into their car, how have they not noticed the bowl? How absent-minded can they really be?

So, after leaving the bowl for a few days, just in case the owner remembered it, or happened to stumble back upon it, I finally decided it was time to go investigate the bowl. It turns out the bowl is full of ice and snow, from our recent spring snowfall. There appears to be a few small twigs and seeds in it, or maybe it is actually some cereal leftovers. I will not be conducting a taste test to confirm the contents – so, who knows what the bowl held.

So, now the little white bowl and spoon have taken a bath in our dishwasher and they sit on our counter as a tiny reminder of life’s little mysteries.

Thoughts? I love hearing from you!

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