5 Random Things About Me

Today, I thought I’d share some little known things about me.  Why you ask?  Because, why not?  Nothing in my life is actually about me anymore, so I thought why not spend a few minutes thinking about me and not someone else.

  1. I now fall asleep every night at about 9:30.  So basically, my bedtime is now 9:30.  And it’s a fight to stay awake after 9:00pm, and truth be told, many nights I don’t even make it to 9:30.  Almost every single night I fall asleep on the couch and move to bed sometime around 11 or 12.  Knowing my day will start anytime between 5:30 and 6:30, means I don’t even try to stay up later anymore.  And, while my husband teases me relentlessly for falling asleep early, I’m totally okay with it my desire to sleep.  #RealLifeParenting
  2. My absolutely favourite movie is Ronin.  As in the Robert DeNiro movie from 1998.  With most Disney movies and some chick flicks coming in a close second and third.  Talk about odd movie preferences.
  3. I have never had a cup of coffee in my life.  Seriously.
  4. I fly fish.  And I’m not actually that bad at it.  Mr. MPB taught me how to fly fish years ago.  While he could fish for days upon days, I find it fun for a few hours here and there.  More then a few hours, and I’m be board to tears.  I hope for Mr. MPB’s sake, that Little MPB shares his love of fly fishing.
  5. I have not had ketchup chips since I was 14 or 15 years old, when I found out MSG causes me to get migraines.  I don’t miss many MSG foods, in fact, I don’t really miss any….except ketchup chips.  I have never found an MSG free brand of ketchup chip, and I’d almost kill for one.  Yet, something tells me, my memory of ketchup chips being delicious is probably not very accurate to my more grown-up tastes.

Anyone else feel like sharing random weird details about themselves?

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19 Comments on “5 Random Things About Me

  1. Wait… no coffee? Ever? I’m not sure we can be friends—I think you’d probably absorb coffee just being in the same room with me. 😂

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  2. So true that we never really write about ourselves in the same way after becoming parents… It’s either about the kids or about our experience parenting. It’s cool to learn more about you!
    Ketchup chips are definitely better in memory than in reality. I bought a bag last summer out of nostalgia and they weren’t what I remembered. They hurt my tongue 🤪

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  3. Haha, my husband accidentally bought me ketchup flavored Pringles when we were in the Toronto airport a few months ago. He thought they were Original flavor because the color was so similar. I have to say I was pretty heartbroken 😋


  4. I am also a fly fisher woman :). Love it. In fact Eli can cast better than I can now!!!! Glad he is following in his “Chaddy daddy’s” footsteps.


  5. I love my sleep! I also am in bed by 9 and asleep before 9:30…and this was pre-baby hahahaha. And pretty much love my coffee and I always find it strange when people don’t drink it. And to hear you love the smell! For me it’s the ritual of the warm drink in the morning. And then on my drive to work I have herbal tea bc I love warmth!

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    • I’ve always been an early to bed and early to rise kind adult (not so much in high school or university though). This week every day I’ve had to put in long days at work and I’ve chosen to wake up at 5am to work rather then work late in the evening. But I have to admit, 5 am is a bit too early even for me! Haha
      I always have a warm drink too – chai tea lattes and herbal teas. I used to freeze in offices and I always had a cup with me just to stay warm. Now it’s just habit.

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      • We get up at 5-530 regularly. When I was in school I always got up to study early rather than stay up late!

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