Sunday Fun Day: Christmas In Photos

My Christmas was everything I needed it to be this year – quiet, restful and even hopeful.

Christmas Eve was just Mr. MPB, our dog and I at home together.  I stuck to my plan of no tree but we did put out two decorations.  Some red candles and a stuffed Rudolph Mr. MPB sneaked into the cart while grocery shopping.  We watched Harry Potter, Elf and Ronin.

As per our tradition we made a fun and adventurous meal on Christmas Eve.  This years find was Kangaroo loin.  It turned out wonderfully!

20151227 - SundayFunDay_3

Christmas Day was also nice.  Mr. MPB made Eggs Benedict from scratch, we snuggled on the couch watching Love Actually and then we went for our traditional Christmas Day walk with the dog.  It was really cold this year!

We ended our Christmas Day with friends enjoying wonderful food, great company and of course playing with their cat.

20151227 - SundayFunDay_8

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16 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Christmas In Photos

  1. I’m glad you got out a few decorations…sometimes even just a few can make a difference in your mood! Dinner looks like it turned out wonderful, and you finally got snow!! Sounds like you had fun with your friends. Their cat is so cute!! Wishing you the best new year ever this year!!! 😀

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  2. Sounds perfect!

    Like you, we took control of where we would be and when, and asserted ourselves with both families this year (my parents and his dad). It was the BEST Christmas together so far… In 10 Christmases. Talking care of our own families is #1.

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  3. Happy Christmas! Wow, kangaroo — that’s certainly an adventure! I’m glad that you and Mr. MPB got to have some nice, relaxing time together. 🙂

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  4. Brrrrr looks chilly. Interesting we send our kangaroo meat over there. I’m not a fan but it is apparently very good for you as super lean. Glad you had a good day. Merry Christmas!

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