Sunday Fun Day: Epic Wife Fail

Normally I purchase birthday present weeks, if not months in advance.  (I’m one of those people who normally has Christmas shopping done by August, annoying I know).  I love finding the perfect gift for people and seeing their enjoyment as they rip into it.

Well, this year, I’m off my game.

Mr. MPB turns 33 in a few weeks.  I am getting desperate in my attempt to find him the perfect gift.

And, I have essentially no Christmas gifts purchased.  And, I’m starting to get terrified of the idea of having to go into malls in December.  I’m not a good shopper at the best of time, so the idea of shopping in December makes my skin crawl.  The crowds are just a bit too much for me.  But, anyways, I digress.


I am not a fan of last minute shopping and I’m starting to feel my anxiety creep up as I do not have the perfect gift purchased.

So, I stopped working early on Friday determined to find something.  My first stop was a pedicure, because clearly that’s a shopping prerequisite.

And then I went shopping.

Having absolutely no idea in my mind, this meant wondered from store to store, hoping to stumble upon the perfect gift.

When I arrived home, a few hours later, I came home with a supply of dog treats and a warm winter vest….for me.  EPIC FAIL.

But I have to say, my vest, it’s super cozy.  And as an often style challenged girl, I think it’s pretty darn cute.

As for Mr. MPB, I am still empty handed and have absolutely no idea what to get him! But at least I’ll be warm and cute this winter.

20151115 - Sunday Fun Day

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28 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Epic Wife Fail

  1. I dropped the ball on Mike’s 33rd birthday this year as well. Last year I got him a vintage Canucks jersey with his fav player on it. I’m just about done my xmas shopping but I did most before baby came on purpose. You better hurry up and get yours done in case our hopeful prediction about an update coming your way actually happens 🙂

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    • Vintage Canucks jersey is always a great gift in this house too! But alas, he already has one. ☺
      I went out again today trying to find the perfect gift, still nothing for him. But I did get some other Christmas gifts figured out so that’s at least something. ☺


  2. That vest is adorable! As long as you still have time, you can do a shopping excursion (or find something online) after thinking on it a little while longer, and maybe it will bring you to that perfect gift that he will just rip into! I like shopping early myself, in theory, and usually have Christmas shopping done by the end of November so we can avoid the hassle of December shopping. This year, not so much though. November is half over and nothing has been purchased. Maybe procrastination is in the air! 🙂

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    • I too think the vest is adorable! ☺
      It does sound like procrastination is in the air this year. Hopefully we can both get some shopping done before the stores get too busy.


  3. I’m being a bit of a Scrooge this year because the baby is due so close to Christmas! Thankfully Kevin and I have the same birthday so we don’t do much for birthdays either… I know none of this helps solve your problem, but you aren’t the only one who is struggling with shopping this holiday!

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  4. I feel you on this post!! I’m usually pretty much done with Christmas shopping by now as well…I’m never truly done until Christmas actually gets here, because when I see something that I know someone will like I just get it lol. But this year has been so off for me, I barely have anything. I’ve started a small stash, and while family was here this weekend I had the kids tell me some things they really want. B’s birthday is in a few weeks and I have nothing for him either, and he won’t tell me anything he wants. It’s just going to be a boring year this year I guess!!

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  5. Your vest looks super warm and I love furry collars! Makes me feel like a Russian princess 😉 buying pressies for the hubs is hard for me because he is not a metrosexual so those xmas / bday gift guides mean nothing! I did get him an awesome watch for his birthday this year – casio g shock which was a hit!

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    • Oh my gosh, if you like it, I consider this a successful purchase!! ☺
      Mr. MPB loves watches. When I met him he had never worn one, then I gave him one and now he has more then I’d like to count!


  6. I am also usually done my Xmas shopping and birthday shopping well in advance. DW and I stopped doing surprise Xmas and Christmas presents though- we now just take them opportunities

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  7. As opportunities to splurge. Maybe you could plan a weekend trip/getaway as his birthday gift? For the past couple of years, we’ve splurged on vacations for march break for our bdays (both are close to march break). And I know you’re both itching to travel a bit.

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  8. I sometimes have this problem with J. It’s like I either have several gift ideas but can’t afford to get them all (or any of them this year) or I can’t think of anything. Rarely is there a happy medium! Hope you find the perfect gift soon!


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