My Blogging Break Is Over

I’m back!  I promised I wouldn’t be gone long.

My break consisted of a week away from the blogging world and my many blogging friends.

I was without my computer and clearly do not rely on old technology to write (i.e. paper and pen), so I literally could not write during my break.

I made a point to disconnect from technology, and so I tried really hard not to check in on my phone.   Heck, if it weren’t for the map function I probably could have gone most of the trip without turning on my phone!

I thought it was going to be hard to disconnect, but truth be told, it was rather easy.  But, I suspect that’s because my break was really one giant fun distraction.


Mr. MPB and I dropped our dog off with some friends and hopped on a plane for a few days away just the two of us.

We had been saving some free flights in hopes of using them for travel with an adoption match.  But the points were about to expire and with no adoption match on the horizon, we decided to use the points and enjoy a long weekend away.  (Secretly I was/am hoping to tempt the universe into providing an adoption match now that we’ll have to pay for the flights out of pocket).

It was not planned to be a baby-moon (I’m still not really sure what a baby-moon even is), but I can honestly say I’m desperately hoping that this was our very last weekend away as just a family of two people.


So, with virtually free flights across the country (by free I mean if you don’t consider all the money paid over time to collect the points), we booked a few days in Montréal, Canada.

I found a cheap hotel, just outside of the main area with okay reviews (because we are penny pinchers and because we don’t spend too much time in the hotel room our traveling theory is we can better spend our money on touring the scenery then we can on a hotel).  So, I booked the cheap hotel and just hoped that it would be in a decent(ish) area that is safe, clean and bedbug free.  Of course, when you get cheaper hotels, this is always a gamble because you never really know until you arrive.

Anyways, when we arrived we discovered that we were just a few blocks out of the main area, and the hotel did meet our standards of decent(ish).  Honestly, asides from the insanely rowdy Friday night street noise the hotel was perfect for us (it was so loud that even Mr. MPB was shocked).

So after checking into the hotel, we slid right into vacation mode.

We didn’t obsess over the adoption wait or the adoption bills.

We made a point to enjoy our few days off, knowing at the back of our minds that we might not have a few days like this again for many years.

We didn’t rush around.  We didn’t have timelines.  We didn’t have a schedule.  We didn’t try to see everything.

Instead, we slowed down.

We slept-in.  We talked.  We walked (alot).  We shopped.  We laughed.  We ate.  We drank.

We simply enjoyed each other’s company.

P.S. Pictures to come on Sunday, as it’s going to take a bit of time to sort through all the photos!

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54 Comments on “My Blogging Break Is Over

  1. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time! I lived in Montreal for a couple years and that city is amazing in so many ways. Perfect little getaway – just what you needed, by the sound of things!


  2. I got so excited yesterday when I saw that you had liked someone’s post, lol. I knew it meant you were back! You were missed! I’m so happy you got a long weekend away. I have actually been to Montreal. I went with my ex from CT and another couple and we were in our 20’s (them early, me middle to late) and they were into the whole strip club/clubbing thing back then and it was winter and freezing so I didn’t get to see much of the actual city, but the food was amazing. Welcome back and I sincerely hope that’s your last weekend away as a family of 2 also. 🙂


  3. Oh this makes me so happy. I love that you were able to get away and disconnect. I have to say- I did miss you though:). Welcome back!! Xo


  4. Good for you! 🙂 I love Montreal. I took Hope for Spring Break this year–it was cold, but just lovely. I’m hoping that you indeed tempted fate by using those points and that a match is soon made! 🙂


  5. I’m so glad you had a great time in Montreal, and that the places you picked worked out. How awesome to pay for it in points too! It’s funny that I was thinking, too bad she couldn’t do a quick pit stop in Toronto- we could hang out! I can’t wait to see your photos. DW and I desperately need to get away somewhere before Mochi comes, and I’m wondering if Montreal would be a good contender. Welcome back my friend!


    • We actually talked about trying to stop over in your part of the world!! We just couldn’t make it work with the points. 😦
      We had a great time in Montreal so I think you and DW should totally consider going there. Or maybe flying to the other side of the country to visit me! 🙂

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  6. I am so happy you had a lovely break. Montreal is a beautiful city. And yes, come on universe, mess with her, make her pay right now for the adoption travel. She deserves to be punished for taking a break. 🙂


  7. Welcome back! Sounds like a wonderful trip, and I’m glad you and Mr. MPB got to spend some nice quality time together, just enjoying each other’s company! I hope this tempts fate to make you pay for a plane flight soon. 🙂


  8. Welcome back! Sounds like you have a fabulous trip. Hope it let you recharge and reset. We’re trying to have the same kind of relaxed trip. I’ll blog about it next week!


  9. I was wondering where you have been. Tomorrow is finally our last walk thru & I am so excited. Of course now that you used your points you are probably going to be needing them for an adoption match, that is certainly how things work! I can’t wait to see pictures, me and the husband have been wanting to take a weekend away before we finish everything up just some where close.


      • That is exactly what I was thinking. We are looking at some places now but don’t want to do anything to big :))


  10. Sounds like just what you needed! The universe works in mysterious ways so hopefully that adoption match is just around the corner now that you’ve used up those miles! Welcome back!


  11. Yay I am glad you are back. ❤ I am so happy to hear you had a wonderful vacation. Hopefully this is your baby moon. Hopefully Baby MPB will be soon to follow. ❤ I can't wait to see pictures.


      • I’m doing great still..just taking it one day at a time. My anxiety has been a bit crazy lately. But just taking deep breaths.

        I put my notice in at work this week. So.. I will no longer be working as of Nov 25th. I’ll have to write a post about that one very soon.

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  12. Welcome back. Your break sounds absolutely blissful. Once baby comes along time is something that is truly precious and about as rare as a desert without sand 😉


  13. Glad you’re back and that the break was refreshing 😍. I hope you tempted fate too by using your points. We have the travel philosophy – if the hotel us the highlight of the trip then we did something wrong 😎


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