Sunday Fun Day: Saturday At Home

It was a crazy week.  A week where I barely used my camera and had almost no time for fun between meetings.

So after I slept for something like 14 hours on Thursday night/Friday morning and another 10 hours on Friday night, we decided Saturday was going to be a day of relaxing and puttering around.  It was a great day with no real schedule and therefore no rush.  We managed to:

  • clean up some stuff around the house.
  • made a few more freezer meals (stew and mushroom soup)
  • put away our camping stuff for the winter
  • went for a wonderful walk with our dog
  • harvested most of the vegetables and herbs left in our garden.

A relaxing day at home was exactly what I needed.  Here are a few photos from our relaxing day.

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30 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Saturday At Home

    • It was a nice Saturday and today’s been even more relaxed. I’m usually one to be on the go, but it has been really nice to slow down for a few days. And yes, my body is loving the sleep – I even had another nap earlier today. 🙂

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    • With how much I post, I’m not starting to fall behind on commenting. I hate it, but I’ve decided not to stress about it. 🙂
      As for your catching up on my blog, I can sum up the last few weeks pretty quickly – I’m sick of waiting and seem to be increasingly frustrated by it. Oh and I’m working a tonne of hours without much balance in my life.
      Thinking of you as well and always hoping for you!


  1. I love an occasional relaxed/productive Saturday! I love all the pretty spots you can see just on your regular walk. You definitely cannot get to nature where I live by walking. It’s a bummer sometimes.


    • I think I really needed this weekend to slow down and catch up on sleep. 🙂
      We just got home from another walk and it really is beautiful out there at this time of year. The fall colours just make me smile.


  2. Love those days! I went one further this weekend. When Monkey went with his dad at lunchtime on Sunday I got back in .y PJs and got in bed and read all afternoon. Head hit pillow at 810pm!


  3. I’ve been wanting to grow outside but I am sure they would get eaten. Thank you for sharing all the pictures with us they are gorgeous and that lady bug is perfect!


  4. What’s in the Tupperware? It looks like homemade mushroom soup! Oh and those tomatoes… To die for!!! You got a good haul. I fell off in August and you know tomatoes, if you don’t baby the, they repay you with blight 😆


  5. I love days like this- puttering around the house and getting things done. Those tomatoes look beautiful, as does that mushroom soup! I hope this week isn’t as crazy demanding as last week.


    • I haven’t had a puttering weekend in a long time, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! 🙂
      This week shouldn’t be too insane, only one 12 hour day and the rest look normal. Thankfully! Now I’m just hoping I can get some real work done and not procrastinate away the week! Are you back at work for another week?

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      • Yes, I agree. I’m really sad to be potentially leaving these kids, but as a workaholic, it’s part of our psyche to feel like we’re the only ones that can do the job perfectly lol.


      • I’m glad this week is supposed to be less busy for you. You and I will just work and work and work if there’s work to be done. It definitely pays off as a student, but sucks as an adult trying to find balance in life. But baby steps! I hope your week is great 🙂

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  6. I love ladybugs!!! I wish I had had a quiet weekend, but it was craziness the whole way through! I’m glad you got some relaxing in though, you definitely deserve it, and have needed it for a while!

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      • So much fun! We ended up having 12 adults (14 including us), 4 kids, and 1 baby (who I love). So much food, so much laughter…just not enough sleep before a 13+ hour work day lol! I’ll be blogging tomorrow, may mention things then. I’ve just been super busy with everything!!
        On the ladybug note…a few years ago I found a dead ladybug in the back window of my car. (Probably fried in the heat) I considered it my friend, and never got rid of it. Yes, I’m strange to keep a dead bug in my car…but it made me smile every time I saw it, and it felt wrong throwing it away. 🙂


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