A Doctor Who Gets IT

In the last 2 and half years of my life I have seen more doctors then I care to try to count. If I were to make a guess on how many doctor’s I’ve seen and spoken with, I’d guess it has to be over well over 100, maybe even 200. (I’d be afraid to even guess how many support staff I’ve also encountered). Each one of these types of doctors has seen as through one or more pregnancy and/or miscarriage, and I have seen countless doctors of each specialty:

Emergency Room Doctors

Obstetrics and Gynecologists



Reproductive Endocrinologists

Reproductive Immunologist

Family Doctors

Each one of these doctors has left a lasting impact on us. Some we remember fondly – I adore my family doctor, he has been an amazing source of support throughout each one of our losses. Some we do not remember fondly – I am still harbouring enough anger at our local RE, so much so that my anger likely is not considered healthy. Others, we appreciate – our RI, Dr. Braverman, who was able to speak with us honestly and turn our unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss into explained recurrent pregnancy loss.

But today, I want to share my most recent appointment with my local Immunologist. This guy focuses on allergies and asthma, but has been awesome and creative as we searched for an explanation for our losses.

I met with him to share our results from Dr. Braverman. He had expressed an interest, and I am more than happy to share our results with a doctor locally who wants to learn from them. (I feel the need to point out that only my family doctor and my immunologist were interested, our local RE seemed to be of the perspective that he knows best and doesn’t need to waste his time so we didn’t even offer him the results).

So, when I met with my local immunologist this was he perspective:

  • He adores that there are doctors who are working in more “experimental” ways – in his opinion this is desperately needed so that innovation and medical treatments advance.
  • Based on how he knows my immunology history, he agrees with Dr. B’s report. While he knows nothing about endometriosis, he does know that my allergic reactions, and thought the analysis done by Dr. B made sense with my past history (i.e. my analysis did not show strong allergic reactions).

He even made constructive suggestions about how to possibly get the treatment we need covered in Canada. Evidently he could refer me to a doctor outside of the province on the basis of wanting a second opinion as the expertise available here is not proving useful. The process to get approved may be slow, but evidently this would get a consult appointment paid for. Procedures wouldn’t be paid for, but at least I could get a consult to discuss this with an RE outside of our province to see what they think – possibly the RE/RI in Ontario.

And ultimately, I told him our decision to stop trying based on the risks of all medications I’d be taking; the lack of intralipids in our province; the risky financial costs of surgery out of country/province if there is a problem; the emotional toll it would take on both Mr. MPB and I; and, our slim chances of success even with surgery. He said to me, that he understand our decision. He did not try to push anything else on me, he was compassionate and understanding.

My immunologist goes down as one of the best doctors I’ve encountered locally. The system may be broken at times, but there are still good doctors who are willing to support their patients in a time of need.

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31 Comments on “A Doctor Who Gets IT

  1. I love doctors who treat you like you are human! I don’t mean to imply that all doctors are insensitive a-holes… But when you find one who is smart, listens, and treats you with real compassion, it’s like magic.

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  2. I’m glad you’ve got another doctor in your corner. I’ve always thought that it should always be that way, but I think that doctors in Canada are overwhelmed and lacking support overall. My endocrinologist is amazing, as are my chiropractor and family doctor. Everyone else has been kind of unremarkable.

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    • I think you are right about doctors in Canada – they simply are too busy trying to process the backlog to be able to spend the time and do the research.
      I’m thrilled that you have some amazing doctors on your team too! I cannot say enough positive things about my family doctor too! It’s such a blessing to have a good doctor. 🙂

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  3. Oh isn’t that just the best! Feels like you hit the lottery when you get a doc like that 😊 I still can’t get over your RE’s opinion/belief system on endo but that’s a whole other can of worms. Glad you’ve got a good doc on your side!


    • I too cannot get over our RE’s opinion/belief, but I am trying really hard to let it go. I cannot change it and so there is really no good reason for me to keep holding on to the anger, now if only I could let it go. 🙂
      As for my immunologist and my local family doctor, you are right, it feels like we’ve hit the lottery!!

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  4. Wow, I really want your doc 🙂 He sounds dreamy, as far as doctors go! To take interest in your patients needs and not think too highly of yourself to keep learning is an amazing quality to have in a doctor. I wish all doctors were this way. XO


    • Thanks Lindsey. While I don’t see my immunologist regularly, I always enjoy speaking with him and learning from him. He’s one of a kind and I definitely plan to keep him. 🙂


  5. I am so glad you had that experience with this doctor. I thought of you a him at my first appt with my new local immunologist yesterday and this post made me realize that there still are a few good doctors out there. My GP isn’t among them I have come to realize. But at least there are some.

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      • Well though she can’t do anything except commend us for all we have done and what Dr. B is having me do to keep this baby going and try keeping my immune system from eating me or baby alive. I will be going back to her after this pregnancy is over. Thanks for asking!


      • I find doctors who support us seeking specialized, out of country expertise are pretty rare. So, she sounds pretty decent if she acknowledges that you and Dr. B are doing the best possible for you and baby!

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  6. So nice to meet someone who geys IT. Its rare and im yet to find anyone ive truly connected with other than my asthma nurse, who sadly i cant see anymore due to changing surgeries. Xx


  7. I’ve wondered if I need to see an immunologist. Our RE did immune testing on me. Do you think it would be worth my time to look into this type of specialist?


    • If you can get to a reproductive immunologist I highly recommend it. If you have the time (and potentially money), it could be very worth your time. I wouldn’t bother with a regular immunologist though as they seem to be focused mainly on allergies.
      If you want more information feel free to email me (myperfectbreakdown@gmail.com), I’m always happy to share our experience with our RI.

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      • Thanks! I’ll talk to my nurse about referring me to an RI. I’ve got to wait about 3 months before another cycle anyway. Might as well be productive while I wait.


  8. Well I’m glad someone in the long line of Drs that you’ve seen has made a good impression on you! It’s so hard to find a good Dr that you trust fully (I think anyway). At least you have one good one in your court!

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