Shall We Be Friends?

Hello 2015. I thought I should introduce myself and lay out my intentions for our relationship.

I promise I will do my part to be your friend.

I will try to make the best of every day.

I will try to smile even when I really don’t want to.

I will search to see the sunshine on cloudy days.

I will share my heart with those who need and want compassion.

I will help those who are less fortunate.

I will sing when no-one is around, for their benefit, not mine.

I will laugh at silly things.

I will forgive innocent transgressions.

I will find happiness in simple moments.

I tried to be friends with 2013 and 2014, but life just didn’t seem to cooperate and I spent more time experiencing hurt and heartache then I did life and happiness.

So, 2015, shall we be friends? Looking forward, I want to enjoy 2015, I want to live and I want to laugh. I am a pretty decent friend to those who love and support me, and I would like to be your friend for the next 365 days. Is it too much to ask that you try to cooperate? Maybe you can make my life just a bit easier this year then you have in the last few years?

Here’s to hoping we get along nicely!  I’m looking forward to enjoying the next chapter of my life, and am so hopeful that 2015 and I will be friends.

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17 Comments on “Shall We Be Friends?

  1. Hahahahaha!!! You will sing alone for other’s benefit? That truly made me laugh!!! I wish you more love and luck than you can even handle in this new year!! Can’t wait to share it with you!! 🙂


  2. I think 2015 is going to be your year! I can’t wait to see all the fantadtic adoption insanity it brings!


    • I so hope you are right Molly! I’m anxiously awaiting word from our assigned social worker, once that happens then we will at least be moving along in the process. For now, we wait and I suspect we will spend a lot of time in 2015 waiting.
      Love to you as you start 2015, and wishing you a wonderful year!


  3. I love this letter to 2015! I hope that it brings you the joy missing from 2013 & 2014. I would like to be friends with 2015, too.

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  4. Let’s be friends! My 2015 WILL be a positive one! I have decided, and so it shall be! I’m new to the blog world and I’ve only made one intro post! But my pages tell the stories of me and my back to back miscarriages and the plans I have made so far!
    It would be lovely if you could have a look and any feedback would be awesome!
    If you like, please don’t hesitate to follow!
    Your new friend,
    MsCarry On x


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