#100HappyDays Continued – Days 115 – 121

Another week of photos for your viewing pleasure.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed each moment.

Day 115 – October 29, 2014: The last of the roasted pumpkin seeds. To share with Mr. MPB or not to share? Hmm… I totally ate them all! And doing so made me happy.


Day 116 – October 30, 2014: I love fresh and healthy food, but I do have a weakness or two. Today, I indulged and loved it!


Day 117 – October 31, 2014: Halloween candy for all the cute little kiddies. Note that none of the candy is chocolate because if chocolate comes into our house, then I am forced to eat it due to my complete lack of will power.


Day 118 – November 1, 2014: What’s this? A fun night out? We received our birthday presents early from my parents, we enjoyed a great night out together even though we were cheering for the opposing teams and my team ultimately lost.


Day 119 – November 2, 2014: My happy moment today was thanks to Sadie. Mr. MPB picked her up from the dog sitter and there is nothing quite like being greeted by an excited dog running through the door. As she came running through the door her tail was wagging so hard I could hear it thwacking the walls and her paws were scurrying/slipping across the hardwood floor as she couldn’t get to me quickly enough. We had a wonderful snuggle fest and then she promptly curled up and slept the rest of the day away – clearly she had a tough time at the sitters playing with other dogs all day.


Day 120 – November 3, 2014: Haircut and color today! There is just something about getting my hair done to put a smile on my face, and it helps that I have a super amazing stylist who I adore.


Day 121 – November 4, 2014: Today was a boring day. I ran, but didn’t want to. I cooked, but didn’t care to. I wrote, but didn’t have my heart in it. I worked, but didn’t get much accomplished. But, I did find happiness while eating my homemade chicken-pot-pie.


Wishing everyone splendid happy moments!

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17 Comments on “#100HappyDays Continued – Days 115 – 121

    • WHAT?? This is actually the entire reason for carving a pumpkin?!
      It’s so simple. Seperate the seeds from all the orange gunk. Rinse them and then add Olive Oil, salt, pepper. Roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes in the oven slightly crispy. Honestly, I recommend finding a pumpkin and doing this ASAP. Really, roasted seeds are the entire point of Halloween – as kids we used to fight over them and clearly even as an adult I’m not very good at sharing them. 🙂


    • How is this even possible? Let alone that two of you have not ever roasted pumpkin seeds? It’s so simple, its worth going and finding one last pumpkin to make some right now. Seperate the seeds from all the orange gunk. Rinse them and then add Olive Oil, salt, pepper. Roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes in the oven slightly crispy. 🙂


  1. I love the cut! So cute! You’re making me want to go short too! And I love roasted pumpkin seeds so much too. We carved 4 pumpkins this year so we had a ton 🙂 it made me so happy too! And Elisha and ourgreatestdesire – what?!!!! You must try them, but not the store bought ones. The homemade are the only way to go!


    • Funny enough, I’m currently working on going long! I know, I know, for most women this would be short, but it is substantially longer then it used to be. 🙂
      I am so happy that you understand the yumminess of roasted pumpkin seeds! And you are right, the store bought ones are not worth eating.


  2. Your hair is adorable!! I wish I could wear mine short, but it’s so thick I end up looking like a mushroom head! And OMG that chicken pot pie looks amazing!!


    • I too have super thick hair, so my stylist is always thinning it out. And funny enough, before I got it cut, I said to Mr. MPB if I don’t flat iron my hair I end up looking like a goomba from the Super Mario Brothers because its just so thick. He laughed so hard, and I doubt I’ll ever live down the fact that I called myself a goomba head! 🙂


      • BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s fabulous!! I’m lazy when it comes to my hair…unless we’re going out somewhere special, it’s either up in a ponytail or just straight down. I’m pretty plain!

        Liked by 1 person

    • That’s exactly why I do not keep it in our house! I specifically only bought 2 of them as a horrible treat meal – one for me and one for Mr. MPB. Somehow, I ended up eating two…


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