Oh, Karma

I wrote a post the other day about how I am working to see, acknowledge and embrace the small successes in life, and how I still kinda suck at it.  Well, I think karma may have just got me back for not giving the exercise an honest effort.

Yes, I acknowledged the small successes – I even wrote a list of small successes in that post – so I clearly saw and acknowledged them.  But, I think any keen observer would see that I definitely didn’t embrace them.  In fact, I did the exact opposite – I went and applied for an interesting looking job because I was so frustrated by the pathetic list.  (Clearly, my ingrained all-or-nothing, perfectionist, over-achieving self will not be tamed easily).

So, how did karma kick me in the ass?

My husband hurt his ankle late Friday afternoon.  He often sprains his ankle – about once a year.  So, he assumed it was another sprain and wouldn’t take the injury seriously, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen him in so much pain (and it sucks seeing him in that kind of pain, and knowing I cannot do anything to help or to take away the pain – sorta like the tables of have been turned as he’s used to watching me go through the physical side of a miscarriage and being unable to help).  I was able to convinced him to at least go to a medical supply store and buy a decent ankle brace, and tried to convince him that he needed x-rays asap and at the very least he should see our family doctor on Monday.  He suffered all weekend, limping around everywhere we attempted to go.  And finally on Monday afternoon, after his colleague also suggested that he go to the doctor, it has now been confirmed as a fracture in his ankle.  (Have I mentioned that we have the most amazing family doctor? I really should write a post all about him – he is absolutely phenomenal and I am so thankful we have such a great doctor to rely on).

20140717 - Oh KarmaSo, now that my husband is officially broken, I have to do everything around the house and I’m even going to be helping him with some of his work that requires an able bodied person.   In 3 weeks he will get another set of x-rays to see how it is healing.  But until then he is in an air cast walking boot and crutches when needed.  It’s never good timing to break yourself, but we live for the summer when we can go camping and hiking, so this really sucks.  Oh, and he’s a groomsmen in a wedding this weekend – I’m sure the bride is devastated as she thinks about her wedding photos (but since it’s a removal air cast, he will likely take it off for photos).

I figure, if nothing else, now all my pathetic things on that list really do matter.  If I’m feeling lazy, it’s just too bad for me because the lawn will not get mowed if I don’t do it, the flowers will not get watered (although, I still may end up drowning them), the dog will not get walked, etc.  I’m sure as my husband starts to feel a bit better, he will start doing more, but at least for a few weeks, it’s going to be on my shoulders to ensure the basics are done – like, making sure we have groceries in the house and keeping the dog fed and watered.  Somehow, when the items on that list are an absolute necessity, they seem a little less pathetic.  Weird, eh?

Thanks karma for teaching me a little lesson about making a half-hearted attempt and my bad attitude.  Although, truth be told, I don’t think my husband is appreciating the form of your lesson. 


On a completely separate note, one of the lovely ladies, Katie, that I nominated for the Blog Hop : Women Writing has shared her post.  It’s definitely worth reading, so feel free to check it out here.

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10 Comments on “Oh, Karma

  1. He will be alright with the right amount of rest, medicines and calcium/protein laced food. 🙂


  2. OMG my husband did this right before our first clomid run! let me tell you…besides having to do everything around the house = you have to do everything in other places too…..like the bedroom LOL but he got better and everything was ok! that time period when he is healing is rough though. Good luck to you the only thing i can suggest is since you will be doing more outside as well try to have him do more inside(laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.) because that will be easier on him! it worked out with us. I had to nag a little but it worked!


    • It would be great if he can do a few more things inside over the next few weeks. So far, I’m just doing it all which means I’ve run up and down the stairs more times then I can count to get him stuff – maybe eventually he’ll learn to ask everything in one go?
      Glad to hear your husband eventually got better! I guess although breaking an ankle would suck, they do heal so eventually.


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