In Search of Inspiration

I am in need of inspiration. Not in respect to infertility and RPL – I’ve got that covered (i.e. we want healthy child(ren) = inspiration to try again). So, I’m not even really focusing on that today.

What I’m looking for at the moment, is something to feel inspired about. Something to throw my passion into. I’m pretty sure this feeling is the result of not working and having just a bit too much time on my hands. I’m not exactly, sure what this means, and what specifically I’m looking for. But, I know for certain that once I find it, I’ll know.

So, yesterday, in search of inspiration and finding something more, I found myself outside on the deck.

The weather was beautiful. The sky was blue. The birds were chirping. The grass was green (and nicely cut due to the previous day’s work). So, what better place to go when in search of something more. The neighbour was not home, so I could actually sit outside and enjoy some piece and quite (she is a wonderful lady, but is driving us crazy these last few weeks as her husband is still in the hospital with a mysterious blood infection – more on that here and here).

My backyard, my small piece of the world, is a great place.  Although, I highly doubt sitting in my backyard is going to provide me with inspiration I’m search for, I am confident, so long as my neighbour doesn’t come home, it will provide me with the calm and relaxation that is always good for the body and soul.

20140708 - In Search of Inspiration

On another inspirational type note, albeit, completely different from above. I’ve decided that the 100 days of happiness through photography looks a lot like fun and is really a good idea to make me focus on the small things in life that make me smile and force me to use my camera a bit more. For those of you who don’t know, the basic premise of 100happydays is to take a photo a day of something that makes you happy, which seems easy enough to me. But, honestly, I know I will never actually do it according to the rules (at the very east I’ll end up taking photos of our dog most nights at 11:30pm when I realize I forgot to get a photo for the day, and while she makes me smile all the time and I may love tonnes of photos of my dog, no-one else needs to see them daily). So, my plan is to participate in my own way, according to my own “rules”: When I remember, when I have a camera handy, I am going to take photos of things that make me happy or inspire me. There will be no schedule, there will be no expectations, just light hearted fun. I’ll share them on here periodically, with or without commentary depending on my mood.

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15 Comments on “In Search of Inspiration

  1. I’ve always loved the idea behind the 100days project, but like you, there’s no possible way that I’m going to remember to take a darn picture every day. I like the idea of creating your own rules!


    • Have you posted your 100happydays photos? I would love to go check them out.
      And, I’m so glad to see that it made you more grateful for the little tings, I hope it does the same for me.


      • It’s on my instagram… Lindsey Bast. Feel free to look me up. Not all are 100happydays but I tagged the ones that are.


  2. I had exactly the same feeling and still do, since without child and job. I have lost purpose in life. I do not know where to start. I found some peace and quietness through writing but that is not enough, especially I am not on track to get pregnant either. It makes my lazy day at home even more pointless. I am frustrated but at the time I am telling myself, last year, “shit hit the fan”. This year is about recovery. I can not expect things to bounce back from zero. I like your idea of finding little happy thing in life and build on that. I am working on my health now.


    • Thank you for sharing!
      I like your approach to focusing on last year as a year of complete shit, and this year as a year of recovery and focusing on your health. I think that is such a great perspective!!


  3. I love that idea – and the internet can always fit pictures of animals on it 🙂 I know what you mean though, I take hundreds of my cat each week so I’m pretty sure that’s why he has an inflated ego. I think with infertility and RPL it’s easy to get lost in what you don’t have rather than what you do so the 100 days of happy is a gentle reminder. Looking forward to the pics 😀


    • I agree – the internet can always use happy pictures of animals! And, I totally know what you mean, my dog knows she is cute. 🙂
      And I’ll do my best to remember to post my happy photos.


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