My Perfect Breakdown


1. Drink. A nice glass of wine (or two) goes a long way!! 2. Say good bye to your Christmas house guests. In-laws can be tough at the best of time, don’t keep them around for longer then you have to. Smile the whole way home from the airport! 3. Sleep-in. (After indulging in step 1, this may be particularly useful). 4. Eat Christmas leftovers. This will help you enjoy your first… Read More

Our path to parenthood is undoubtedly the hardest thing I have ever experienced. When my mom and sister died when I was a teenager, I assumed that experience would be the hardest of my life.  I assumed that I had endured my fair share of loss and heartache.  Yet, now I can stand here today and state that losing our five babies to miscarriages has been even harder. I would never have… Read More