My Perfect Breakdown


Here is my ninth week of #100happydays. Day 57 – September 1, 2014: Our route home was planned so that we could go to Glacier National Park and drive the Going-To-The-Sun Road. There was nothing sunny about our drive, with rain, clouds, and bitter wet cold that would convince anyone that winter is just around the corner. But, it was a stunning drive for those not afraid of sharp corners and virtually… Read More

Here is my sixth week of #100happydays. Day 36 – August 11, 2014: Today was a rather blah day. Nothing especially happy happened, and probably more importantly, nothing especially unhappy happened either. So, when my husband informed we now have red tomatoes in our garden, it seemed like the perfect simple happy day photo. A small moment of happiness on a rather chill day. Day 37 – August 12, 2014: We had… Read More