My Perfect Breakdown


4:38 am is a time that should be banished from the world. In fact, 3:56 am should also be banished from the world. Remember that bathroom reno that has taken over our lives?  Well, it’s also now compromising my sleep. You see, Mr. MPB happened to stumble upon professional tilers (is that a word?) who had one day available to tile our entire bathroom for an amazing price.  The catch, the day… Read More

I’m still undecided about setting up the Christmas tree and decorations this year. But, I realized that we have one set of Christmas lights outside that is permanently in a shrub because the shrub has grown around them so we just leave them tucked into the shrub all year round.  So, I dug out the automatic timer and have set it to go on every evening at dusk for a few hours…. Read More