My Perfect Breakdown


Yup, adoption is frustrating! More specifically the process to adopt is frustrating. Or still better yet, the nuances of international adoption are slowly driving me insane! Today, I am going to talk about the biggest challenge we’re continually facing with international adoption: Navigating the adoption demands and requirements of 2 counties. We’ve determined that no-one on either side of the border can produce a list to tell us exactly what documents they… Read More

I think its fair to say that I am having a pretty horrible week. Nothing seems to be going right this week, so I’m left feeling confused, worrying, frustrated, tired, angry and at times just down right grouchy.  Generally, I’m just feeling rather discombobulated. Her are the top four things that have bothered me so much this week: We suffered our fifth lost this week.  Even though it was easier then the others, it… Read More