My Perfect Breakdown


This morning I called a new dog trainer, we need a second opinion. We like our current trainer well enough, but with how much money and time we’ve spent on training, shouldn’t our dog be able to sit on the floor calmly for more then 20 seconds? And stop jumping on the counters? And maybe not bark anytime both Mr. MPB and I are in the kitchen? I figure at this point,… Read More

It’s official, I now say that Doodle MPB is the biggest mistake of my life. Now, I also recognize that getting a crazy puppy with a 2 year old is probably not the worst possible mistake people make in their lives. For example, I could have made a decision to start smoking crack-cocaine (or is it inject crack-cocaine?  I really don’t know.  I’m not experienced in crack-cocaine).  Clearly, I could have made… Read More