A Fish Is Clearly Too Much Work

We recently took Little MPB to the pet store as we needed to pick up more bully-sticks for Doodle MPB. (We left Doodle MPB at home because we are still under reduced activities to prevent her from accidentally tearing open her incision.)

Little MPB is a true animal lover, so he especially loves visiting this particular pet-store as they always let him pet the animals (with employee aid/supervision). They have gerbils, mice, ferrets, bunnies and guinea pigs. Truth be told, I could do without the mice, but since I don’t have to actually touch them, I can get over it.

Anyways, on this particular visit, they had 4 baby rescue kittens. And, one of the employees asked Little MPB if he wanted to go into the kitten room and visit them. Needless to say, Little MPB was in heaven. And we have some pretty adorable pictures of him playing with the kittens and trying to help feed them. It was precious. But, when he said My Kitten, I promptly said NO.

After the adorable playtime, Little MPB decided to go look at the fish and the snakes. Mr. MPB happily took him while I went and bought our necessities.

When I was done buying everything, I went to find Mr. MPB and Little MPB. Mr. MPB looked at me and said, quietly enough that Little MPB wouldn’t hear, we could get him a betta fish. I gave him a funny look, but thought a fish isn’t that much work. So, I went and talked to a salesperson. Turns out betta fish need more water then just the little jar of water that they are sold in – I was told they require a minimum of 2 gallons, but 4 would be better. The salesperson pointed towards a tank with a filter and all the accompanying fish stuff. I looked at him, and said I’m no longer interested, a betta fish is clearly too much work. Apparently the guy had never heard someone declare having a betta fish is too much work as he looked at me like I had 5 heads. I smiled at how crazy I must have sounded, which probably just made me look a bit more crazy. I walked back to Mr. MPB and broke the news to him that I was not signing up to take care of a real fish tank. And evidently, Mr. MPB is just as crazy as I am, as he agreed, a fish is too much work right now.

And truthfully, I’m just thankful Little MPB didn’t ask to bring home a snake.

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14 Comments on “A Fish Is Clearly Too Much Work

  1. Ha! I think a fish might be your tipping point…you have a full house!!

    But I get the slippery slope. Not so long ago I had two puppies, 1 new rescue dog and 8 baby chicks in my tiny little two bedroom house. I realize now I was trying to fill the baby-void but at the time, I just wanted ALL THE ANIMALS.

    The dogs grew into relatively good dogs and the 8 chicks grew into roosters that got gifted out to various homes. Now it’s just us and the three dogs…and that is PLENTY. Everyone once and a while I think about a kitten…and then I remind myself how chaotic life was with three puppies and 8 chicks…and I change my mind.

    Needless to say – a fish would be too much work for us, too. 🙂

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  2. Cute story! We’ve had so many times like this… Except in some cases we actually bought the fish… Or took home the lizard from our hike then promptly went out to get it all the supplies it needed. Sigh. Good job sticking to your guns!

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  3. It’s funny… Just the other day I told my sister that our fish tank is actually more work and upkeep than our hamster’s cage. The dog wins the prize for being the most work but I was actually surprised that one 5 gallon tank can require so much time!

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  4. Fish are soooo much work. I used to have a giant tank but when we moved into an apartment that didn’t allow fish tanks, I drained it, sold the fish and it’s now sitting in storage. My husband keeps mentioning that we have a perfect spot now to put the tank and really wants to get it out again, but I keep reminding him that he knows nothing about fish tank care and that it would all fall on me, and I truly don’t have time for that. Weekly tank cleans, water refills, chemicals to balance out the PH in the water, feeding the fish, buying all of the replacement stuff for the filter when it’s time for a clean. So.much.work. However, in saying that, we have been briefly talking about getting H a goldfish for his birthday. There are some pretty cool ones out there and all they need is a bowl, some rocks and some food. The bowl is super easy to clean and you basically just pop the goldfish into a cup of water while you rinse it and the rocks out, fill it back up and pop the fish back in. Super duper easy and low maintenance. And there are some pretty funky goldfish these days too. So if Mr MPB still loves the idea of a fish, visit the goldfish tanks and see if that appeals 🙂 A way better fish for a busy family!

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  5. My husband cares for a saltwater tank, plus that shed that was built in our backyard? It’s for a coral farm, meaning he will be growing coral fragments to sell. Everything has to be perfect for the coral and fish to thrive. Recently, we had a fish die because it wouldn’t eat the pellets that the automatic feeder provided. No, he had to eat the dethawed shrimp packets that Michael would provide at night. When we took a trip that lasted more than a few days, the fish literally starved to death with food all around him. And don’t get me started on all the chemicals and pH levels that Michael monitors each night. If they are off by the smallest percent, some of the coral can die. It’s insane.

    So, yes, fish are complicated. I’ll stick to my pups any day, all day. 🙂

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  6. Ha! Betta fish are soooo much work. We have one. And I regret that purchase every damn time I have to change the water, siphon the tank, change the filter…. 🤣

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  7. Ha! Fish were my first pet and don’t get me wrong, I’m fond of them, but really they don’t give much back compared to a dog!

    You can get pretend toy fish tanks that you fill up with water and they move around – a good option for kids!


  8. This is exactly why I can’t take my daughter to a pet store. She’d want to pet and/or adopt every animal in there. Nope nope nope. Good call on the fish tank. We currently have an empty tank with all the supplies that has been collecting dust since my husband’s last round of fish died and we then moved. He tried so hard and spent so much money but nothing seemed to ever live very long. We’ll try again when the kids are older maybe. Maybe. Hopefully not.

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