My Perfect Breakdown


We recently took Little MPB to the pet store as we needed to pick up more bully-sticks for Doodle MPB. (We left Doodle MPB at home because we are still under reduced activities to prevent her from accidentally tearing open her incision.) Little MPB is a true animal lover, so he especially loves visiting this particular pet-store as they always let him pet the animals (with employee aid/supervision). They have gerbils, mice,… Read More

With less then two weeks remaining, I hope you enjoy one of the last weeks of photos. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed each moment. Day 349 – June 20, 2015: Mr. MPB did the sweetest thing today – because I had a tough week he planned a happy moment for us to share. His idea of fun is behind the scenes at the zoo, feeding Giraffes! We… Read More