My Current Photography Project

I just realized I don’t think I’ve shared my current photography project on my blog.  Some of you may remember that I did the 100 days of happy challenge and extended it to 365 days of happy.  It was challenging at times, but also fun to realize just how many small things in a day make me smile even if only briefly some days.

So, we’ve started a new project:

The Subject: Baby MPB.

The Task: Using my digital SLR, we will take one photo per day for his first year of life. That’s 365 photos of Baby MPB.

The Final Product: 1 photo album showing at least 1 photo per day.

So far, we’ve managed to do it!

Note, that I said we have managed to do it.

Unlike my 365 days of happy where I took every single photo, this time Mr. MPB is also taking photos.  This means we both are picking up the camera and capturing cute moments of our little guy.  It also means that we have photos with both of us in them too.  And, we’ve even had a few photos of the three of us when we’ve asked others to take photos of us – like our first time evening at home as a family.

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20 Comments on “My Current Photography Project

    • I absolutely think you should! I just started going back to his birthday to start making the album and I’m truly amazed at how much he has changed every single day! I’m so excited to have his first full year document. 😊


  1. I love this idea! It’s totally something that I would love to do too. I wish I had more photos of Dumplin’ and Mochi from the early sleep deprived days…

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