My Hope for Baby MPB

Mr. MPB and I were talking yesterday, and I realized that I have about a billion hopes and dreams for Baby MPB, almost all of which are not mine to make a reality.  All I can do is give him a strong foundation to make wise choices.

Yet, I really do have one specific hope for Baby MPB is really rather simple – I hope he grows up to be a good man.

I hope he grows into a man who appreciates life, helps other, loves with his whole heart and smiles.

I know as a teenage MPB he may have some ups and downs.  I just desperately hope that he’s a good kid.

He does not have to be popular.  He does not have to get straight A’s (although, I’ll admit, I’ll love it if he gets decent grades). He does not have to be the all-star athlete.  He does not have to win awards.  Heck, even if he gets caught for smoking pot or drinking too much or some sort of similar juvenile activity, I hope that doesn’t define his lifestyle.

What I truly hope that he stop to help the lady at the grocery store who drops her bags.  I hope he volunteers to help others in need.  I hope he shows compassion to his classmates and peers.

I just hope he’s a genuinely good person.

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33 Comments on “My Hope for Baby MPB

  1. I think that’s a reasonable hope to have for him. I wasn’t popular at all, and I can’t play a sport to save my life, but I think I turned our pretty good regardless! I know it partly has to do with an individual’s personality and stuff like that, but I believe that it has a lot to do with how someone is raised, too. I know you and Mr will do a great job raising him, and that will make a huge impact. If he’s even a little bit like you and Mr, he will be awesome. 🙂

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    • I think the fact that we are both thinking of this and working to support their development as good men, might just help them grow up to be good men. If you ever have any good tips on how to guide him to be a good man, I’m all ears. 🙂


      • Haha…no tips yet. Still reeling over the fact that one of my 12 year old students broke up with his 12 year old girlfriend by telling her he didn’t like her small boobs. I just keep thinking…I REALLY hope my sweet boy never says ANYTHING like that EVER!!!!


    • Yes! Everything I wrote goes for little girls too – I just said boy because he is a boy. And I know your little girl will grow up to be an amazing individual as you can already see her kind heart and happy spirit. 🙂

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  2. I am the same. I often say I just want my son (or kids as I almost have 2) to be happy as truly happy people make positive choices. Anything else is just gravy 🙂 I have no doubt you will raise a good man.

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  3. I said something similar to my husband the other day. He said our baby could be anything and I said I didn’t mind so long as they were kind to others and a good person. I am sure baby MPB will be just that 🙂


  4. I wonder about this all the time. How to help a child become a good person. Our first child from the foster system is due to arrive in June and I cant stop pondering how to help him or her be their best self. It feels like the most important job ever and I am terrified of screwing it up! 🙂


  5. Making a good human is the most difficult and the most important thing, but not impossible. As you mentioned in one of your posts, children mimic our behaviour. So, when they see us helping others, contributing to charities, they would do the same. We need to explain to them how important that is to be kind, compassionate and merciful tothose less fofortunate and act upon that. With all that, I believe they will turn out just fine. Your boy is a lucky one because you care about him so much and you care about his mum. That speaks a lot in whose hands he is and whom he will have for an example to follow. I highly admire and respect people who adopt and save those children.


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