Going Home, Maybe?

If we can pull of a few small miracles today we are flying home tomorrow!

We even have our flights booked now, so we are desperately hoping everything comes together.  (You are required to have flights booked in order to get a rush passport appointment, so we have).

Today we HAVE to accomplish the following:

  1. Overnight mail arrives before 8am containing original court order approving adoption.
  2. Make it to the passport office with original court order by 9am for a rush passport appointment.
  3. Canadian government returns their signed paperwork to agency this morning.
  4. Cross the city for an 11am appointment with agency to get Canadian paperwork and sign adoption placement paperwork.  (This also signifies us becoming “real” parents in the eyes of our USA agency).
  5. Get back to the passport office for 2pm to pick up passport.  Passport office is only open for pick-ups for 30 minutes.

And all of this depends on Mr. MPB driving all around a major USA city with only the help of a Garmin, an infant and a horrible navigator (i.e. wife) who is known to confuse left and right.

If anything goes wrong, we will be delayed until at least Monday, possibly longer depending on what goes wrong (i.e. if we miss the 30 minute pick-up window, then we have to pick it up on Monday.  But if we don’t get the documents then next available passport appointment is Wednesday and we cannot fly without the passport).  If we are delayed we will have to cancel our flights and  re-book (and re-pay) for new flights.

Wish us luck!!

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41 Comments on “Going Home, Maybe?

  1. Wishing you so much good luck from a woman who is also prone to confusing her left and right! xxxx


  2. Oh my goodness, your day sounds insane! Best of luck that the timing on everything is perfect and you have no problems with directions or traffic!!! Love you, Friend!


  3. Sounds like a mission!! Good luck!! Either way, it will be a great story one day to tell baby MPB.


  4. Good lord even just reading all this gives me anxiety. I have every appendage crossed that everything happens as it is supposed to so you can go HOME!


  5. Awww I wish you had been closer to me… I would have loved to take the day off from work to chauffeur you around! I really really love doing things like airport drop offs/pickups, driving people to appointments, etc. Maybe I should be an Uber Driver for my next career 🙂


  6. Hi there! I’ve been following your amazing journey but have never commented yet. First, and most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m thrilled that baby MPB has joined your family and hope you can get home without any glitches.

    A suggestion to navigate around your city–use the app called “Waze.” It navigates with up to date information, re-routing you if there’s traffic, an accident, etc. Given that you have a tight timeline, this could be incredibly helpful to you. I use it all the time around my city even though I usually know where I’m going, just because it’s so efficient.

    Good luck and lots of love from Denver!

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  7. Good luck today!!!! I hope to read tomorrow or the next day that you are home and snuggled back into your own bed (even if you don’t get good sleep with a newborn lol)
    I’m so happy for you 3!!!!!!!


  8. I hope the reason you haven’t posted this weekend is because you are happily on your way home, safe and sound. I was happy to see no “it didn’t work” post! 😀


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